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Sunday, October 25, 2009

What's so funny about peace, love and Buddha?

Above are a few soaps that will be offered at the TXU Energy Arts and Crafts Show on October 28, 2009. How about a French Roast Coffee Buddha soap? This is a chunky, whimsical soap that is a bestseller with our male clients. Made with mildest glycerin, a smidgen of organic coconut oil and French roast coffee grinds, this soap is good for the skin!
Fun fact: Did you know that coffee can dispel cooking odors from kitchen hands? Some people swear by this soap to shoo away smells of onions, garlic and other necessary ingredients from the cook's hands? We must take care of our cooks!
A few years ago, I discovered that using leftover coffee grounds makes an excellent facial scrub! The oils in the coffee, the caffeine and the exfoliating properties are excellent complexion toners! The problem is that the grounds are messy and can clog the sink.
The coffee grounds infused into the glycerin soap have solved my beauty/housekeeping dilemma.
The Buddha also comes in a crisp green tea and pomegranate fragrance with tea leaves for mild exfoliation. We have added natural chlorophyll for a lovely deep green color that is also beneficial for the skin. Oxygenation, anyone?
Did we mention that we are serious about internal and external antioxidants here at Angel Soap?
The Rock Soaps are dual-layered chunks of glycerin soap with the sparkle of mineral mica and good tidings of Love and Peace. They are perfumed with the classic holiday scents of vanilla, clove and cinnamon. We have also added a rose hips/jasmine/cherry blossom and crushed rose petals combo. Oh - and the citrusy ginger is delightful.
Ahhh! Peace, love and heavenly scents!

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  1. Of course, I for one just adore your soaps. Really, I do not care if the soap smells like roses or pine! I is just magnificent and so helpful for my skin. The scents last for a long time and my bathroom smells great. Keep it up!