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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ayurvedic soaps - hey Baby, what's your dosha?


Years ago, for reasons that escape me at this moment, I developed a keen interest in Ayurveda, the ancient art of medicine from India. Ayurvedic principles are so logical and straightforward that I am stunned and surprised that more people do not follow them. In fact, many people know little to nothing about Ayurveda. Pity.
Here is a micro-mini crash course, at least in how it relates to soapmaking and usage. Ayurveda holds that there are three main doshas (constitutions or natures): Vata, Pitta and Kapha. It helps to think of a dosha as a season - spring, summer and winter, respectively. Vata = windy and dry (airy/mental). Pitta = hot and sensitive (fiery/intelligent or 'rash'). Kapha = wet and cool (emotional/slow-moving).
With the three doshas in mind, I created three absolutely sumptuous, cold process soap formulas, designed to "pacify" the "aggravated" dosha. In other words, I have soaps for spring (vata - dry, chapped), summer (pitta - sensitive) and winter (kapha - oily) types of complexions.
The above photo is my Pitta/Summer soap,created for my own personal use. I have a typical 'redhead's' skin - sensitive, fine-pored, prone to rashes and irritation under stress or adverse ('aggravating') conditions. I am absolutely miserable when the weather turns warm-to-hot! I have never found a soap that suits me, so I made my own!
My Pitta soap is a coconut, sunflower and almond oil base with rose water, precious Rose Otto and fine French clay. My complexion loves it!
If you are bothered by hot weather (read: irritated, impatient and angry), pair this soap with one of my cooling coconut oil body products, preferably scented with rose....ahhhhh....that's better.


The above slice of creamsickle-like soap is for a vata. Vata types have many of the qualities of the Spring season - changeable, prone to nervousness, irritated by wind, chapped and thin, dry skin. The vata soap is formulated with emollient avocado, almond and jojoba oils and super-fatted with castor oil and shea butter for superior moisturization. There is a swirl of French pink and white clays to assist with those days when the skin is fussy. The light aroma blend features sweet neroli, jasmine, lemon and other essential oils, all selected to calm and pacify vata.


The above little slice of heaven is my kapha soap. Kapha is likened to the winter season. These emotional , sweet-tempered people typically have oily, prone-to-breakouts, thick skin which responds beautifully to this soap enriched with barley water. Swirls of French clay prove beneficial, as do the sunflower, palm and grapesees oil base and the aromatherapy blend of patchouly, lavender, bergamot, clove and other fine essential oils.

That is my ridiculously "quick and dirty" primer on "What's your dosha?" go scrub up!

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