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Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Hallowmas!

This day is traditionally a time of ancestral worship. In many places in Europe, people go to cemeteries with bouquets to honor the dead. So, in celebration of the nature of Hallowmas (or Halloween, as it is typically known in the United States), above is an image of a glycerin-rich, highly fragrant sandalwood soap, molded in a Celtic design. I gilded this soap a bit with a bronze mica, to give it an aged 'finish'.
Celtic designs are indigenous to my heritage. I find that they are surprisingly contemporary, although very ancient in origin. I was blessed with many Celtic traits - especially the love of fire, a sense of wild adventure,  a warrior-like attitude (at times) and an intrinsic understanding of the "old ways".
Please remember to honor your own heritage on this day. Feel gratitude for what has been bestowed upon you in this life, for those of have gone before you, for your inherited gifts.
Practice gratitude today and every day.

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  1. What is in your Celtic soap? It looks intriguing and I would love to order some.