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Saturday, August 11, 2012


Black Temple Incense Shea is one of those 'sleeper soaps'. 

A fantastic, lush, creamy soap with a gorgeous scent. Black Temple Incense Shea is beautiful too - laced with veins of ground black coffee beans, shades of warm coffee with cream, pale mauve and topped with orchid and gold mica.

The soap is chock full of organic oils and butters, scented with Nag Champa, Frankincense, black coffee and musk. Think Jo Malone's Black Cafe Vetyver meets Nag Champa.

The lucky people who have sampled this treat become devotees. 

Pretty enough for women and hunky enough for men, Black Temple Incense Shea is a winner!

Black Temple Incense Shea
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Friday, August 3, 2012


Coupon code HOT50 will get you 50% off any and all soap in the shop until Sunday, August 5th at midnight CST.

Why not spoil yourself with our shaving soap?

Loads of French Pink Clay and raw, organic shea butter combine with essential oils of dark, Indonesian Patchouly and lively Bourbon Geranium to make this an all purpose luxury soap with aromatherapy properties for men and women.

 For a more feminine twist on the shaving bar, try the "Pour Femme" version. Basically the same recipe, but a different shape and a little sweeter with the addition of Rose Geranium essential oil.

I personally discovered shaving soap about 3 years ago. Now, I look forward to using it all summer long at the sink, bath and shower! No need to shave - this soap is superb as a cleansing bar!

No need for a shaving brush, I let the bar do most of the work. The French pink clay is reputed to gently draw impurities out of the skin, while providing 'slip' for your razor. Of course, the shea butter is super moisturizing. The scent is delightful and really elevates this bar to true luxury status.

Simplify your routine - try a bar today!

Black Patchouly Bourbon Shea Shave
Pour Femme

Wednesday, August 1, 2012


This sale only comes once in a blue moon. August is blue moon month! 

And, darnit! It is hot outside, Baby!

Please accept this gift from me to you - ALL soaps are 50% off with the coupon code HOT50 input at checkout.

You may use this coupon code as many times as you wish, until I think that it is time to retire it. (No worries, I will let you know in advance)

Hopefully, this can help some folks pay their utility bills a bit easier and cool off in a refreshing bath or shower with Angelic Soap.

Happy Lammas, All!

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