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Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mermaid is back!

All apologies for being so tardy on my posts.

Where is this year going?

 I will get right down to it - the much beloved, "Mermaid Shea" is back in stock and better than ever.

Aveda lovers (that includes me) - will recognize and enjoy the lovely scent of this coveted bar as very close to Aveda's Shampure. 

While you are at it, you might consider ordering a bottle of all natural aromatic parfum. Just request "Mermaid" in a note when you place your order.

These natural, oil-based parfums are so versatile. Mix a tiny bit with your usual hand cream, lotion or body potion for a subtle, all over scent. Drizzle a few drops into a steamy bath or shower floor (be careful- don't slip!) Take a spray bottle, add your fave body oil (unscented - safflower is light and very nice) and our natural parfum. Your skin will love it after bath or shower.

Of course, you can dab on pulse points too.

I like to place a few tiny drops in my dryer sheets for scented clothes - use a clean, cut up rag or old washcloth and it can be used over and over.

I also like to take a spray bottle, fill with water and drops of the natural parfum oil, shake and use as a natural air freshener for rugs, towels, musty air.

It works well in a natural oil to polish wood furniture. Use a spray bottle of natural oils (your choice - olive is heavy, but good. I even use (gasp!) baby oil adding a few sprinkles of the natural parfum.

No wonder everyone tells me my house smells gorgeous.

Have fun and use your creativity! I would like to hear how you use our natural aromatics!

 Find "Mermaid Shea" and "Mermaid Natural Parfum" in our shop now.

Mermaid Shea
One Love,

Angelic Soap