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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Soaps for the Witches New Year

Halloween ... my favorite "holiday"... the day of the year that you can disguise and transform yourself! I love the creative aspect of All Hallows Eve.
Many of you know about the rich history of this particular day - it is not just a child's dress up party with lots of sugar!
One tradition that keeps Halloween is Wicca. Halloween is the Witch's New Year.
In keeping with this ancient and very meaningful day, I have selected a few soaps to celebrate Halloween. Happy New Year, Rhiannon!
Super Natural Creamy Pumpkin
Dragon's Blood Shea
Angelica Herbal Soap
Magick Shea
Rue Shea
No self respecting White Witch would be caught without a stash of these soaps - particularly the Rue Shea and the Angelica Herbal.

Have a safe and super fantastic Halloween! 

.... and please remember to keep the 4 legged family members inside!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Seasonal Pumpkin Soap

By special request, I have created a (super)natural pumpkin soap
This is a super creamy formula, thanks to raw, organic cocoa butter and many food grade premium oils. 
I did not use any scent in this soap, opting for pumpkin pie spices, organic blackstrap molasses and the pumpkin puree. The soap is lightly sweet in fragrance.
This pretty soap is colored with turmeric, as well as the pumpkin. 
Each hand cut bar is topped with a raw sugar and spice blend. 
This is a limited edition.

Super Natural Creamy Pumpkin
Even though we use food grade oils, please don't eat the soap! :)

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Petite French Lavender & Oak Butter Cream

A new scent, size and  price!
Now in the Etsy shop, a petite version of our raw, organic cocoa butter and coconut cream recipe. The fragrance is a blend of French Lavender essential oil and a smoky oak fragrance.
Find this and more on sale now!! 
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Petite French Lavender & Oak Butter Cream

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

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White Floral Shea Supreme
Angelic Hugs