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Friday, December 13, 2013

12 Days of Christmas

Officially begins today!

The soap shop will be closed from December 19 through January 2 of 2014 (gasp!).

This break assures that any gifts are delivered in time, as well as giving us a little vacation with family and treasured friends.

2013 has been a year of big changes and a 'hurry up and wait' theme.

Looking forward to 2014 with some fresh new ideas seen through a 'getting back to basics' focus.

May each and every one of you be touched by the light and beauty that shines in each of us. 

May you be able to feel the softness of nature that falls gently on each one of us.

Finally, may you feel the gratitude in our hearts for YOU.

Peace. Gratitude. Love.

Angelic Soap

Monday, December 9, 2013


Our Magical Mist now includes a specially crafted home fragrance for the Yuletide season!
One spray and you will be transported back to the joys of Christmas past and the hope of those to come.
The new Mist is called "Winter Solstice" and features those warm, spicy scents that can signal the holidays!
Warm spices, berries, orange, evergreen are just a little of the aromatic pleasures of this wondeful, NON TOXIC, natural home freshener.
Charged with crystals for cheer!
Christmas in a Bottle!
Wrapped to gift!
4 fluid ounces.
Season's Greetings

Winter Solstice
Pair this spray with our "Evergreen Bough Soap" for a delightful and unique gift to brighten anyone's holiday!

Evergreen Bough
Comes wrapped and ready to gift!

Love, Angelic Soap

Monday, December 2, 2013

Magickal Mists

Magickal Mist: Clearing
Our new "Magical Mists" could be described as liquid incense used for freshening up and clearing your home, space or self.
These Mists are charged and attuned to a specific purpose and are freshly prepared with Reiki hands just for you.
If you do not find what you want amidst our selection, please ask, and we will be honored to create a custom Mist.
Each "Magickal Mist" is a blend of purified water infused with essential oils, resins, hand selected herbs and crystals that are reputed to have certain properties to attract, banish, energetically heighten and enhance our space/self.
Each Mist comes in a capped, 4 ounce, amber glass apothecary jar with an atomizer. The herbs and crystals can be seen through the glass.
The jars are beautifully adorned with carefully chosen charms and/or amulets and an instruction card with a personal affirmation. You may detach the charms/amulets to wear or carry, as well as the crystals inside the bottle.

Angelic Soap's "Magickal Mists" come in three (3) different types:

"Venus Mist"
To attract romantic love, this mist is infused with the herbs, oils and crystals ruled by Venus. Suggestion: lightly spritz your sleeping quarters before slumber to 'work like a charm' during your dreams.
The scent is feminine and includes roses.

"Clearing Mist"
This is the classic 'smudging spray' with some extra powerful additions to banish negativity or clear the space and self after being energetically exposed to an unpleasant or negative force. Perhaps your work area or bedroom feels cluttered, blocked or in some way obstructed - "Clearing Mist" can work wonders. Simply shake, spritz space and/or self as many times as needed.
The scent is sages, herbs and sandalwood.

"Prosperity Mist"
The name says it all.
The scent is spicy and woodsy.

4 fluid ounces.



Friday, November 29, 2013

Yule/Holiday/Christmas Soap and a Parfum

Evergreen Bough
Sparkling Frankincense Shea
These are our seasonal, limited edition offerings for the Holidays.

"Evergreen Bough" is a much-beloved soap that we create only during this time of the year. Evergreens, Pine, Cedar Wood, subtle orange, cinnamon and cloves - smells just like a Christmas tree or a wreath!

This soap, crafted in the traditional way, typically sells out fast.

Please check out our newest natural, aromatic parfum that matches the "Sparkling Frankincense Shea" soap. This combination makes a lovely gift and the scent is sublime! Frankincense, warm and smoky vanilla bean, sweet tonka bean, sparkly lime and tangerine essential oils result in an ultra modern interpretation of the traditional standard. Perfect for winter.

 All three of these new products are Limited Editions.

Friday, November 22, 2013

Natural Parfums

Did you know that Angelic Soap offers natural parfums?

Natural Parfum in Magick
Our natural aromatic parfum oil is available in three (3) scents, but can be custom made to your specifications.
You may request a parfum to accompany any of our fine soaps, or ask that we create one for you, based on your personal favorite scents.
Each 15 ml, or 1/2 fluid ounce parfum is hand bottled in an amber glass apothecary jar to protect the fragile oils from light. The precious liquid is dispensed by dabbing, not spritzing. No waste!
Angelic Soap's Natural Parfum is anchored in fractionated, coconut oil (a "dry oil") to preserve the life of the fragrance.
This completely natural aromatic product contains NO ALCOHOL or preservatives.
Due to the generous 15 ml sized bottle, you can add a few drops to a drawn bath to enhance the aromatherapy, or blend a dab into your favorite after bath/shower cream, lotion or oil to extend the scent. Finally, gently shake the bottle with your finger over the jar opening, douse a few precious drops on pulse points and wait for the magic!

Here is a description of our three offerings:

Magick Natural Parfum is a perfectly balanced blend of pure essential oils. Bright Blood Orange, soothing French Lavender, uplifting Rose Geranium and sensual, aged, Black Indonesian Patchouli and a few secret ingredients create a close-to-the-skin scent that will linger. Suitable for men or women.

Contains world renowned, centuries old. olfactory notes that are selected to create a sensual aura. Neroli, Asian Jasmine, Ylang Ylang, a drop of Madagascar Vanilla and certain spices set the sexy tone. "Aphrodisia" is a personal and very unique favorite. This is a deeply feminine parfum.

"Winter Goddess"
A scent for a White Witch, or anyone who loves certain scents of the winter season - especially the brightness of Yule. Vanilla Bean meets warm cinnamon and other spices to create a classic fragrance for the holidays. Suitable for men or women.

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Ummm .... Cardamom!

Cardamom Shea
I love the sweet scent of cardamom, yet it tends to be illusive in soap.

I have blended a high quality cardamom essential oil with a fine cardamom fragrance oil to create the scent of Cardamom Shea.

The subtle result is more sweet than spice - perfect for a little hit of pleasure in that soon-to-be-winter shower or bath.

Now available in the soap shop!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Ginger Suite Shea

The whole soap studio smells of this lushly scented soap! Good thing that I happen to adore the fragrance!
Mild ginger is smothered in a rush of florals. Lovely ylang, jasmine, mimosa, orange blossom, white flowers and tea roses .... Extremely feminine with more sweetness than spice.
The out of this world scent is generously infused into our pampering, organic vegetable oil base, dosed with raw, organic shea butter for extra richness.
Available now in the soap shop!

Ginger Suite Shea

Ginger Suite Shea

Ginger Suite Shea

Monday, October 21, 2013

Specially Reduced Prices!!!!

..... and we mean REDUCED!

We are reconfiguring the soap shop and decided to offer many of the listed soaps at drastically reduced prices!

Take a peek and see if your favorites have been price-slashed!

This is a great time to stock up on staples for your bath or gifts for others. 

The Holidays will soon be upon us and Angelic Soap ages beautifully, so you can buy now and gift with confidence later.

Here are some examples ......

Lemon Sugar
Clove Milk Soap (Vegan)
Mermaid Shea
Quantities are limited!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

All Hallow's Eve

Grimoire (Book of Shadows)
Dragon's Blood Shea
Fly Carefully!

A Fine Autumn

Autumn has definitely arrived here in the Atlanta area. 
The days are still warm, but there is a nip on the night and morning air. 
With that in mind, today I reached for a bar of our "Earl Grey" creamy shea butter soap. 
It is as comforting as a cup of hot tea on a chilly day! The black tea base is very soft, spiked with the lemony bergamot and the scent of a huge dollop of wildflower honey - all folded into a exceptionally creamy, raw shea butter base. 

Earl Grey Shea

Thursday, September 26, 2013


We are finally settled in our new digs!

Well - there are a few boxes still left to unpack, but the soap studio and on line shop are fully operational.

Apologies for this long overdue post, but this move had some 'issues', causing delays that could not have been foreseen.

Thank you for being so very patient with us.

We do have some new offerings in the Etsy store - and a few new prices too! Reduced, not increased!
Please take a peek and see if any of the new soaps sound good for this time of the year.

There are some old favorites in stock as well - Vata Ayurvedic, Mermaid and 5 Sandalwoods to name a few.

Up next?


Meanwhile, Happy Autumn and Lots of Love,

Angelic Soap

Friday, May 24, 2013


The Angelic Soap shop will be closed from May 24 through June 21, 2013 due to our studio's relocation!

We thank you for your patience during this move.

See you in Summer!


Angelic Soap

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Mermaid is back!

All apologies for being so tardy on my posts.

Where is this year going?

 I will get right down to it - the much beloved, "Mermaid Shea" is back in stock and better than ever.

Aveda lovers (that includes me) - will recognize and enjoy the lovely scent of this coveted bar as very close to Aveda's Shampure. 

While you are at it, you might consider ordering a bottle of all natural aromatic parfum. Just request "Mermaid" in a note when you place your order.

These natural, oil-based parfums are so versatile. Mix a tiny bit with your usual hand cream, lotion or body potion for a subtle, all over scent. Drizzle a few drops into a steamy bath or shower floor (be careful- don't slip!) Take a spray bottle, add your fave body oil (unscented - safflower is light and very nice) and our natural parfum. Your skin will love it after bath or shower.

Of course, you can dab on pulse points too.

I like to place a few tiny drops in my dryer sheets for scented clothes - use a clean, cut up rag or old washcloth and it can be used over and over.

I also like to take a spray bottle, fill with water and drops of the natural parfum oil, shake and use as a natural air freshener for rugs, towels, musty air.

It works well in a natural oil to polish wood furniture. Use a spray bottle of natural oils (your choice - olive is heavy, but good. I even use (gasp!) baby oil adding a few sprinkles of the natural parfum.

No wonder everyone tells me my house smells gorgeous.

Have fun and use your creativity! I would like to hear how you use our natural aromatics!

 Find "Mermaid Shea" and "Mermaid Natural Parfum" in our shop now.

Mermaid Shea
One Love,

Angelic Soap

Sunday, February 24, 2013

New Natural Parfum

By special request, we now have natural aromatic parfums in the shop!
There is only one listing at this time. However, you can request your favorite Angelic Soap scent in this new format. 
The bottle is generously sized at 15 ml (1/2 ounce) with a wider mouth, so you can add a few drops to your bath, shower stall, or mix with your favorite lotion.
I have had success with placing a few drops of the aromatic parfum on a small strip of cloth, toss it into the dryer. SO much better than the chemical dryer sheets and it can be reused.

Magick Natural Parfum
Introducing Magick Natural Parfum, a delightful blend of essential oils in fractionated coconut oil (a dry oil). 
Packaged in amber apothecary bottles to preserve the gorgeous oils from light and degradation, Magick is one of the more popular soaps in the shop - for use by men and women alike, this scent manages to be bright, sexy and grounded all at once.
Dab a bit on pulse points and wait for the Magick!

With so much love, Angelic Soap

P.S. Coupon Code LOVE25 is still effective until the end of February, 2013. This code, input at checkout will snag you 25% off any and everything in the shop.

Monday, February 4, 2013

New Shop Section

If you have not visited the Angelic Soap shop on Etsy lately, please do so!

We have added a few new sections to organize our soap selections - including a SALE section!

Whoot! Whoot!

Take a peek by clicking the link just below ....

Do not forget, LOVE25 coupon code will net you a 25% discount on any and all of our handcrafted, fine soaps - including the SALE selections.


Angelic Soap

Friday, February 1, 2013

February, Love and Heart Disease

Happy February 1st!

To bring awareness to heart disease and to show our clients how much we truly love and appreciate them, Angelic Soap is offering a special discount.

Please use coupon code LOVE25 to receive 25% off of all our fine soaps in the shop. There is a place to input this special code at checkout.

For your consideration, may we suggest ....

Egyptian Kyphi
Dragon's Blood Shea
Smoky Tuberose Velvet Shea
Lastly, please be your own health advocate! Educate yourself about heart disease and risk.

It is never too early to start loving yourself!

Prevention is preferable to treatment.

Much Love,

Angelic Soap

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Something Sweet

With Valentine's Day fast approaching, here are some of Angelic Soap's sweetest vegan, handcrafted soaps.

Each one of these soaps features a different recipe, scented with a gourmand scent blend.

Clove Scented Milk Soap
Apricot Vanilla Shea
Champagne Blanc Shea

Tahitian Vanilla Shea
Tahitian Vanilla

Angelic Soap

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Longing for Spring?

Longing for spring, but still feeling winter's dreariness? You may like our latest soap offering in the shop.

Natural Lemongrass Shea is a handcrafted, cold process soap packed with wholesome goodness.

The pale yellow color comes from good quality turmeric. 

The recipe is enhanced with loads of our raw, organic shea butter. 

The lavish scent comes from the single note of lemongrass essential oil.

Natural Lemongrass Shes
For some reason, Natural Lemongrass Shea literally sings from this lemongrass essential oil! 

Typically, all of Angelic Soap's cold process bars are lightly fragranced (unless noted in descriptions) due to sensitive skin (mine!). Natural Lemongrass Shea is an exception to this rule. I was a tad heavy-handed with the essential oil, expecting that the scent would vanish during the curing period.

Or, perhaps, I was experiencing the winter blahs ....

No matter, Natural Lemongrass Shea will have you singing in your shower!

As an added ray of sunshine, please input coupon code WINTER at checkout and receive 20% off any and all of your purchases of Angelic Soap.


Angelic Soap

Sunday, January 13, 2013

Meditation Blend Soap

Years ago, I hired a person to teach me how to meditate.

This was, quite possibly, one of the smartest investments that I have made in this lifetime.

Meditation requires nothing and yields enormous benefits.

At times, I get bored with my routine and do rely on a few aids when I want to switch it up.

Here are some of my favorite helpers - incense (high quality!), candles, specially produced CDs.

With the long, cold winter nights in mind, Angelic Soap has created a new Meditation Blend Soap that really does soothe the body, mind and spirit.

Meditation Blend Soap
 Meditation Blend Soap contains real frankincense, myrrh, sandalwood and other high quality
 essential oils, typically used in the finest incense to ease you into slumber or meditation.

Limited Edition and in the shop now.

Thursday, January 10, 2013

Special Savings

Do not forget that the coupon code WINTER entered at checkout will snag you 20% off any and all of our fine, handcrafted soaps.

May we suggest .....

Vanilla Apricot Shea
Marrakesh Express Shea
Sweetgrass, Cedar & Sage

Angelic Soap

Sweetgrass, Cedar & Sage

Cold & Flu Season

Some of our beloved clients swear by this eucalyptus essential oil-based soap during the cold & flu season.

Thieves in the Garden Shea
Thieves in the Garden Shea is Angelic Soap's adaptation of the renowned "4Thieves" blend that is reputed/reported to have viral, fungal and bacterial killing abilities when vaporized. 

Our soap has some variations on the original fragrance blend and is extremely soothing in a hot shower. 

"Thieves" is also very good for achy joints and chills during the cold winter months. 

If you are like me and have started a New Year's fitness program, you may want to order this soap. Aches do not always flare due to being 'under the weather' (*smile*).

So, grab a bar, dial your shower up to 'steamy' and prepare for a truly aroma-therapeutic experience.


Angelic Soap