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Friday, November 29, 2013

Yule/Holiday/Christmas Soap and a Parfum

Evergreen Bough
Sparkling Frankincense Shea
These are our seasonal, limited edition offerings for the Holidays.

"Evergreen Bough" is a much-beloved soap that we create only during this time of the year. Evergreens, Pine, Cedar Wood, subtle orange, cinnamon and cloves - smells just like a Christmas tree or a wreath!

This soap, crafted in the traditional way, typically sells out fast.

Please check out our newest natural, aromatic parfum that matches the "Sparkling Frankincense Shea" soap. This combination makes a lovely gift and the scent is sublime! Frankincense, warm and smoky vanilla bean, sweet tonka bean, sparkly lime and tangerine essential oils result in an ultra modern interpretation of the traditional standard. Perfect for winter.

 All three of these new products are Limited Editions.

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