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Thursday, September 29, 2011

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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Savings in the Soap Shop

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Saturday, September 24, 2011

Autumn Sale!

After the abject oppression of the summer heat, I am offering 10% off any and all soap purchases in the shop! Simply input the coupon code AUTUMN10 at checkout for your 10% reduction.
Where I live, it was intensely hot for many months with a drought to top it off! This weather was not easy to manage mentally, physically or psychologically. 
I had to scrap abut three soap batches due to the intensity of the ongoing triple digit days. :((((  Oh, I cannot stand to waste!!!! I could not even pull off a rebatch.
With all of that heat, which magically lifted just in time for the first day of Autumn (yay!), I somehow lost sight of the fact that we are fast approaching the Holidays!
Now is a great  time to grab some of your favorite soaps at 10% off. 
Tuck a few away for those Holiday gifts!
Lemon Sugar
Orange Vanilla Cream
Peppermint Cream Shea

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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sweetest Things - New Soap!

I listed two new shea butter soaps this week that are oh-so -sweet smelling! 
These offerings are a bit of a departure for me, as I used fragrance oil blends (I typically use essential oils) and deep COLOR! The soap recipes are the same - a basic all-vegetable oil base with that raw, organic unrefined shea butter that I LOVE
So, bridging the gap between summer and fall, here are my two new soaps ....

Sparkling Rain Shea

Black Vanilla-Green Fig Shea
The Sparkling Rain Shea is based on the much-beloved "China Rain". The scent is lavish and quite sweet with hints of melon, cucumber and musk. A bit shimmery in scent and appearance, this soap reminds me of my younger days when I wore the "China Rain" fragrance. I used a heavier hand with the fragrance in this batch, so the scent lingers on the skin. Of course, the raw, organic shea butter moisturizes beautifully and provides a nice base for the fragrance.

The Black Vanilla-Green Fig Shea is very sweet indeed! I have made soap with this blend before, and I would say that this is the sweetest smelling to date. The fragrance is a blend of green fig (not ripe) and my go-to Black Vanilla, which has Madagascar vanilla and Tahitian vanilla in the mix. I divided the batch as I was making the soap, scenting the green portions with Fig and the darker portions with the Black Vanilla. I swirled some crushed vanilla beans into the mix and left a small potion au naturel. As with the Sparkling Rain Shea, the butter lends a hand at keeping the fragrance on the skin. 

This summer has been brutally hot and we are in a terrible drought. So - I must have Rain and Green on my mind.

Guess what?

As I write this post, it has actually started to rain outside!! Oh my goodness! This is only the second rainfall in many, many months!

I am going to go outside and drench myself!

In Love, Truth & Beauty

Friday, September 2, 2011

Two New Soaps

Rosemary Mint Lavender

French Lavender Butter Cream
Now LIVE in the Etsy soap shop. Just click the picture of the glittery Temple Incense soaps to the right with the caption "Handcrafted Soaps".

For those of you with curiosity about the magical and mythical properties of herbs and their respective oils, please know that I always add a special 'something' to each bar.

In the above soaps, French Lavender is featured due to its incredible calming ability. Lavender also is said to bring good luck (sign me up for a dozen bars, right?), promote dreams, love and psychic powers. Lavender may well be the Queen of herbs in my book.

Other herbs and oils in the above soap: Rosemary for cleansing of negativity; Mint for purification and psychic clarity; Galangal (in the Rosemary Mint Lavender) for clearing negativity and promoting a good outcome in legal matters.

Folklore or Fact?

Angelic Hugs