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Friday, September 16, 2011

The Sweetest Things - New Soap!

I listed two new shea butter soaps this week that are oh-so -sweet smelling! 
These offerings are a bit of a departure for me, as I used fragrance oil blends (I typically use essential oils) and deep COLOR! The soap recipes are the same - a basic all-vegetable oil base with that raw, organic unrefined shea butter that I LOVE
So, bridging the gap between summer and fall, here are my two new soaps ....

Sparkling Rain Shea

Black Vanilla-Green Fig Shea
The Sparkling Rain Shea is based on the much-beloved "China Rain". The scent is lavish and quite sweet with hints of melon, cucumber and musk. A bit shimmery in scent and appearance, this soap reminds me of my younger days when I wore the "China Rain" fragrance. I used a heavier hand with the fragrance in this batch, so the scent lingers on the skin. Of course, the raw, organic shea butter moisturizes beautifully and provides a nice base for the fragrance.

The Black Vanilla-Green Fig Shea is very sweet indeed! I have made soap with this blend before, and I would say that this is the sweetest smelling to date. The fragrance is a blend of green fig (not ripe) and my go-to Black Vanilla, which has Madagascar vanilla and Tahitian vanilla in the mix. I divided the batch as I was making the soap, scenting the green portions with Fig and the darker portions with the Black Vanilla. I swirled some crushed vanilla beans into the mix and left a small potion au naturel. As with the Sparkling Rain Shea, the butter lends a hand at keeping the fragrance on the skin. 

This summer has been brutally hot and we are in a terrible drought. So - I must have Rain and Green on my mind.

Guess what?

As I write this post, it has actually started to rain outside!! Oh my goodness! This is only the second rainfall in many, many months!

I am going to go outside and drench myself!

In Love, Truth & Beauty


  1. That Sparkling Rain Shea is just beautiful-fresh like rain. :-))

  2. Thank you, Michelle!
    We finally got a break in the temps here and it is raining!
    The summer took a toll on some of my soap.
    How is it over in Lubbock?

  3. Lovely, I love the blue you achieved in the Sparkling Rain.


  4. Thank you, Michelle!
    For me, it seemed a little 'loud', so I appreciate this comment!

  5. I'm totally intrigued by the Black Vanilla-Green Fig Shea, and I love that you experimented with color! Well done! =)

  6. Thank you, Anne-Marie!!!
    Always nice when The Soap Queen drops by! :)