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Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Sensual Jasmine Velvet Shea

Lush jasmine lovers rejoice!

Angelic Soap has a few new soaps in the shop that rival some of your favorite scents on the market.

Start with Angelic's Sensual Jasmine Velvet Shea .....

Sensual Jasmine Velvet Shea

This soap's scent is quite heady and lavish. Sweet notes of sugar join gorgeous, intoxicating jasmine petals, multiple florals and wood notes to create an unforgettable, heavy, Asian jasmine fragrance.

The sensual part of this soap does not end with the deeply feminine scent. It continues on with the "Velvet Shea" recipe, which contains large amounts of raw, organic shea butter laced into a basic soap of organic palm kernel and sunflower seed oils.

With any of the "Velvet Shea" recipe soaps in the Angelic Soap shop, do not expect a bubbly experience, but a lotion-like lather that is very soothing to stressed skin.

I fell in love with jasmine after growing several different varieties in my gardens. My experience with the jasmine flowers of Asian origin (not French, which is crisp to my nose) is similar to being lulled into a much different state of being and mind by those precious blooms. 

Sensual Jasmine Velvet Shea captures the narcotic-like qualities of jasmine, initially sweetens things up a bit, then all nestle softly against creamy woods.

Tuesday, June 26, 2012

The Splendor of the French Orangeries

I cannot stop smelling this gorgeous soap! 

L'Orangerie Shea is dedicated to the many orange blossom groves of France. 

An exquisite blend of essential oils like bitter orange, cedar, vetivert plus orange blossom water give this soap a fresh, romantic and completely therapeutic aroma! 

 I have tried to create many different versions of the orange blossom scent over the years, but this soap has finally captured what I wanted.

The rustic appearance of the soap is reminiscent of Provence, but the gilded topping hearkens of Versailles.

Limited Summer Edition 

Available Now

L'Orangerie Shea

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Summer is Soon!

At my house, it has been very hot for some time. This heat translates into more baths and showers. 

The electric company and the water company are doing happy dances.

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As my savvy clients know, this type of deep reduction only occurs once in a blue moon.

Stock up NOW, so you are prepared for all of that summer showering and bathing without stripping your beautiful skin (or your budget)!

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Sweetgrass, Cedar and Sage Shea

Friday, June 8, 2012

New Category in Etsy Shop

There is a new category in Angelic Soap's Etsy shop. 
It is called SALE. You can get there directly by clicking this link:
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Lavender-Vanilla Shea