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Monday, September 21, 2015


Do you dry brush or utilize some other type of exfoliation in your grooming routine? 
If you do not exfoliate, you should. All of the lotions and potions in the world will will not penetrate the outer dermis if the dead cells are not routinely removed. 
Men naturally exfoliate when they shave, and most have baby soft complexions. 
I use a combo of dry brushing and exfoliating - both my face and body. 
Lately, I have tired of tossing old brushes and loofahs. Many of the so called body brushes do not even work properly! 
I have discovered Asian exfoliating mitts and towels. 
Bargain at Asian Markets or E Bay (but shipping takes a long time). 
And - you can machine wash.
I do not endorse any products except Angelic Soap, so this post is simply for information purposes. Here is my routine - I use the mitts for dry brushing my body, or after a plain soak in water, I will use the mitts in a vertical fashion. Then, my usual cleansing with Angelic Soap. The clay-based Angelic Soaps double as shaving creme! While my skin is damp, I lightly spray a natural oil (any natural oil is good, but I favor safflower in a spray bottle from the hardware store) while skin is damp/wet. 
Facial cleansing is a bit different. 
I use a buf puff or a clean, rough strip of a cut up wash cloth and my Angelic Soap (always unscented), followed by coconut oil or one of Angelic's facial serums/oils (sometimes, both!). Sometimes, I will grab a tablespoon of sugar, moisten lightly with water, and gently rub my face, neck and d├ęcolletage in circular motions. Rinse, and then apply my oil.
You do not need fancy scrubs if you have sugar or salt or baking soda on hand.
And - I always use a barrier sunscreen.
Here is a shot of some of my "tools".