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Saturday, July 14, 2012

Midsummer Night Dream Soaps

Soft Peach Velvet Shea
Black Raspberry Shea
Now for sale in the shop!

Seasonally appropriate scented, shea soaps that are both sweet and warm, with a little sultriness to both of them.

Perfect for that post workout or gardening showering!

Pick a few now - the summer season in short!

These soaps are specially priced due to the extreme heat this summer. Pick up even more savings by using the coupon code SUMMER10 at checkout. This code will snag you another 10% off your entire order.

Thursday, July 12, 2012

A Best Seller ON SALE!

One of the best sellers in the shop, Lemon Sugar Velvet Shea is ON SALE

This is an exceptionally creamy soap, drenched with tons of organic, raw shea butter that creates a lotion-like lather for sun-parched skin. This particular soap recipe is typically used in winter soaps, but the heat has been fierce, so why not give it a spin in your summer shower?

The scent is pure aromatherapy heaven! Sicilian Lemon, Mandarin Orange, Sandalwood and Oak Moss....this is one lemon soap that does NOT smell like furniture polish, as so many other citrus blends.

You will not believe how low I have cut the price!

Just a way of saying "THANK YOU"!!

Lemon Sugar Velvet Shea

Lemon Sugar Velvet Shea
Trying to keep prices low, bring you quality soaps, save your skin and the planet!

Angelic Hugs

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Soap Shop Gallery

See something that you like?

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Tuesday, July 3, 2012


Black Patchouly Bourbon Shea Shaving Bar is a true multi tasker! 

Gentle enough for sensitive facial, neck and body cleansing, this terrific soap also performs beautifully as a shaving bar.

The super emollient organic soap recipe is nicely balanced with lavish amounts of French Pink Clay for sensitive skin and 'slip' for a close shave.

This soap will leave your skin gently cleansed and lightly moisturized with a lingering scent.

No need for that after-bath lotion, as Black Patchouly Bourbon Shea will never leave your skin drawn, stripped, or tight feeling.

Turn your mundane grooming routine into a spa experience, while lightening up on your usual array of products. All of this with a slice of aromatherapeutic luxury. 

Black Patchouly Bourbon Shea Shaving Bar is scented with rich, back Indonesian patchouly essential oil, sweetened with a light touch of Bourbon geranium essential oil.

For sale now in the shop!

Black Patchouly Bourbon Shea
Not just for men! 

Ladies, if you have never tried a shaving soap, let this be the one!