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Saturday, March 25, 2017

Southern Belle

Southern Magnolia & Gardenia Organic Shea Butter Soap
Happy Spring!!


Angelic Soap

Mermaid is back!

Mermaid is back in stock with a new formula and look. 

Mermaid Organic Shea recipe soap is now created with our superbly moisturizing organic vegetable oil recipe. Loads of raw, organic shea give it a creaminess that is so kind to skin.

The fragrance is the same, 'Aveda-like' aroma. Bright, yet relaxing herbals like bergamot and lavender are aromatherapeutic.

The soap itself is in a more rustic version than before, colored with very bright micas and ultramarines, topped with a silvery coating.

Suitable for both men and women.

Now available for a limited time.

Mermaid Organic Shea
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Happy Spring!

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Can't Wait for Spring?

Black Currant Rose Organic Shea Butter Soap is back for a limited time! 

A very Parisian scent, I cannot stop smelling this scrumptious soap every time I walk by it!

Not your Grandma's rose, this is a supremely sophisticated sweetness.

Grab a bar and experience an early Spring!

Black Currant Rose Organic Shea

Saturday, March 4, 2017

What Makes Angelic Soap Different?

Angelic Soap is made via the cold process method. 

"Cold Process" is a very misunderstood term. 

Cold Process involves combining oils, fats and lye water at approximately the same temperature, hand mixing until "trace" is obtained (when the soap maker can see 'traces' of the stirring utensil in the thickening batter). When the materials combine and become thick, the result is known as 'saponification'. 

Once trace is obtained, scent and add ins are dissolved into the mixture. The mix then gets poured into carefully prepared molds. After 24 - 48 hours, the soap logs are cut into bars. The bars then sit in a dedicated space which allows air to flow around each soap bar to 'cure'.  Curing involves aging the soap until the correct Ph is obtained, all of the water has evaporated, and the soap bars are hard.

Curing time for handcrafted cold process soap is typically anywhere from 4 weeks to 3 months (the latter is my personal ideal). A genuine castile can take 1 - 2 years.

Now, industrial, mass-produced soap uses high powered fans to 'cure' the soap, after the beneficial glycerin is stripped away and sold separately. Both of these steps speeds up the curing process, but ultimately results in a far inferior product.

Proper aging will make soap harder, yield a creamier, more bubbly lather, but prolonged shelf life may result in a compromised, weaker scent. In other words, the soap gets better and the scent gets weaker.

The cold process method is time consuming and a labor of love (and a little alchemy), but the results are like no other.

Why choose handcrafted, cold process soap over other types of soap?

Many reasons!

       1). Handcrafted, cold process soap allows the lovely vegetable glycerin to stay in your soap bar. Industrial soap siphons off the glycerin and sells it as a by product. 

          2). Many people are advised to never use soap on their face. Why? Because industrial soap is DETERGENT - lacking the humectant, conditioning and all important glycerin. 

Good, handcrafted, cold process soap, with carefully chosen oils, fats and additions is as mild as any luxury facial cleanser (or moreso) and extremely good for your skin (provided that there is little to no scent - preferably from essential oils, not fragrance). Personally, I do not use scent on my face.

       3).The cold process soap maker has complete control over the oils and fats that go into the recipe. Angelic Soap has a preference for food grade, organic, seed and plant oils. This is true luxury for your skin! A good example is our "Vata Ayurvedic Organic Cleansing Bar". The recipe features organic avocado, jojoba, palm, coconut, sweet almond and raw sesame oils, organic raw shea butter, French mild clay, organic turmeric and goldenseal. Angelic Soap never uses a pinch and claims that this is an ingredient. Copious amounts of luxury oils are our distinction.

Angelic Soap uses different recipes for different skin types and seasons. It is never a one recipe fits all soap with different scents. 

It is with good reason that many, many clients write to me that 'Angelic Soap' is the best after they try other brands. "Vata Ayurvedic" is our #1 best seller!

Those are just three very basic reasons to always purchase handcrafted, cold process soap.

We will explore more in future blog posts, such as the different types and attribute of soap - triple milled, melt and pour, hot process, superheated, etc.

I hope that you have found this post informative.

You can always email me at or post a question here.

Yours in Beauty, Truth and Gratitude,

Angelic Soap

Mermaid Organic Shea Butter Soap

Monday, February 27, 2017


I am finally back with new listings in the shop and this blog post. So much has happened - we moved (twice) and every one in the household suffered some serious health challenge.

Thank you for being so patient with me!

Some old favorites have been listed in the shop today - Temple Incense Organic Shea, Black Temple Incense Organic Shea, Black Patchouly Organic Shea, Vata Ayurvedic Organic Shea, Rose Pitta Ayurvedic and my current favorite: Bohemian Organic Shea.

Bohemian Organic Shea Butter
Bohemian Organic Shea Butter handcrafted soap is a delightful blend of sweet vanilla, precious Mysore sandalwood and earthy black patchouly essential oil ... just enough to keep the scent from being 'too sweet'. A little naughty. A little nice. And very sensual!

Please check the website for more soaps listing soon, as well as links for the Etsy store!

Much Gratitude!

Angelic Soap

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New! Hindustani Roja Organic Shea Butter Handcrafted Soap

Hindustani Roja

Capture the exotic scents of ancient India with this timeless blend of Mysore Santal, Nag Champa, Sweet Rose and Frankincense.

Available in the shop now for a limited time!


Angelic Soap

Monday, September 21, 2015


Do you dry brush or utilize some other type of exfoliation in your grooming routine? 
If you do not exfoliate, you should. All of the lotions and potions in the world will will not penetrate the outer dermis if the dead cells are not routinely removed. 
Men naturally exfoliate when they shave, and most have baby soft complexions. 
I use a combo of dry brushing and exfoliating - both my face and body. 
Lately, I have tired of tossing old brushes and loofahs. Many of the so called body brushes do not even work properly! 
I have discovered Asian exfoliating mitts and towels. 
Bargain at Asian Markets or E Bay (but shipping takes a long time). 
And - you can machine wash.
I do not endorse any products except Angelic Soap, so this post is simply for information purposes. Here is my routine - I use the mitts for dry brushing my body, or after a plain soak in water, I will use the mitts in a vertical fashion. Then, my usual cleansing with Angelic Soap. The clay-based Angelic Soaps double as shaving creme! While my skin is damp, I lightly spray a natural oil (any natural oil is good, but I favor safflower in a spray bottle from the hardware store) while skin is damp/wet. 
Facial cleansing is a bit different. 
I use a buf puff or a clean, rough strip of a cut up wash cloth and my Angelic Soap (always unscented), followed by coconut oil or one of Angelic's facial serums/oils (sometimes, both!). Sometimes, I will grab a tablespoon of sugar, moisten lightly with water, and gently rub my face, neck and d├ęcolletage in circular motions. Rinse, and then apply my oil.
You do not need fancy scrubs if you have sugar or salt or baking soda on hand.
And - I always use a barrier sunscreen.
Here is a shot of some of my "tools".