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Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Sale Ends Today!!

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Angelic Soap

Friday, September 26, 2014


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Angelic Soap

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Quick Ayurveda and Your Skin Primer 101

According to the ancient principles of Ayurveda, each person is born with a unique dosha, or skin/body type. These doshas encompass the universal elements of air, earth, fire and water.

For our purposes herein, there are three doshas: 1). Vata (dry skin); 2). Pitta (sensitive skin); 3). Kapha (oily skin)

An internet search will yield numerous sites with more knowledge than I can provide here. I strongly suggest that you take the free questionnaires provided by many of these sites. These questionnaires can help you to determine your own personal dosha. 

Most people will discover that they embody characteristics of each dosha in varying proportions. Nevertheless, this knowledge can go a long way towards attaining health and comfort for your skin and body.

Seasonal changes naturally create imbalances (dosha aggravation) that call for a switch up in your personal skin and hygiene routines. 

For instance, if you are predominately Pitta (think sensitive + fiery), you will likely suffer a Pitta aggravation during hot weather. Spicy foods and heavy skin care products will only exacerbate the problem. This is the time to switch to cooling oils, such as sunflower and coconut, as well as essential oils like rose, vetiver and sandalwood in your daily personal care. A cooling massage with coconut oil, instead of your 'usual' does wonders in dialing down the irritability and heat.

VATA: dry, fragile skin that can be prone to wind burn, chapping, cracking. Vatas can be anxious worriers of a restless nature. (Think WIND/AIR elements) Vata needs heavier emollients and moisture plus extra water.

Vata Shea Ayurvedic Cleanser
PITTA: sensitive skin that can be prone to heat rash, rosacea, fragility, irritation and redness upon stimulation. Pittas are typically of quick intellect and can be agitated by lack of action. (Think FIRE element) Pitta needs calming essences and cooling, light moisture.

Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Cleanser
KAPHA: oily, thick skin that is blessed with very few, if any, wrinkles. Kapha is known for inner calmness, sweet nature and slow, languid movements. (Think WATER/EARTH elements) Kapha needs stimulating ingredients and very lightweight moisture. Kapha, like Vata, can benefit from extra water, as their body functions tend toward sluggishness.

Kapha Ayurvedic Herbal Cleanser
Happy Autumn, All!

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Escalating Prices! Yikes!

Twice annually, I plan meticulously to order my soapmaking supplies. 
As a very small business, Angelic Soap strives to never sacrifice corners with base oils and other ingredients. As other soap makers know, the entire process is time consuming, so if I am not making the best product I am capable of creating, why bother?
For a long time, I have endeavored to keep my prices as low as possible.
I also charge my clients the shipping charges only - no handling charges - ever. If a client overpays via the "prix-fix" electronic shipping menu, all overages over $1.00 are immediately reimbursed.
Recently, when I went to order my supplies, I was in complete sticker shock.
Many of my luxury oils have increased exorbitantly. Some of the base oils have decreased. The essential and fine fragrance oils go up and down like the stock exchange.
And the shipping charges on Angelic's raw materials are staggering.
Gave me pause.
I was shipping some orders the first part of this week - another shock! USPS priority delivery has increased. Additionally, the delivery is no longer 2nd day priority. The delivery time is 3 days now.
What is a small business to do?
Angelic Soap will NOT be increasing shipping charges to keep up with the escalation. However, it is always wise to plan to order as many bars as affordable. This saves on shipping in the long run. Stock up for a rainy day, so to speak. 
Lastly, instead of subbing cheaper base oils, Angelic Soap has modestly increased prices on its most luxurious, specialty soaps, as well as soaps that contain the priciest essential oils. 
This way, you can be assured that Angelic Soap will continue providing the very best products, the purest and most nutritious ingredients and NO SHIPPING INCREASES!!!
Angelic Soap

Saturday, June 21, 2014

Happy Summer Solstice!

We are celebrating with a gorgeously-scented new listing! 
Angelic Florida Water Shea is a fragrant confection that puts a big twist on the classic Florida Water. The scent combination (all essential oils) features an extraordinary amount of different notes that meld together beautifully. 
I cannot stop smelling it - it is that good. 
Spices, fruits, florals, citrus and a little herbaceous hint result in a complex olfactory, true aromatherapeutic experience. 
Perfect for the long summer days ahead.

Angelic Florida Water Shea

Happy Summer Solstice!

Thursday, May 22, 2014

New Listings

Back in stock!

Vanilla Goddess Shea, a favorite from the winter selection that we have added to the permanent line.

Rich vanilla bean mingles with Peru balsam, clove, cinnamon, tonka bean, anise and just splash of


Laced with spices, crushed vanilla beans and anise stars, this soap is rather complex and oh, so


Love and Angelic Hugs!

Monday, April 14, 2014

A Return to Original Purpose

I am successfully returning to the original purpose of my soapmaking. This is gradually being reflected in my shop's offerings.

The decision to return to my basic repertoire (real, wholesome, luxury soap that is especially tailored for sensitive skin, a delight for the senses, the spirit and kind to the environment) surfaced when I realized that there were more than 47 different soaps (different scents and attendant recipes) for sale in the shop.

Too large of a menu!

The amazing variety came about by trying to please many different people, while appeasing my own penchant for creativity without boredom.

 There are many, many talented soap makers that offer outstanding scented soaps.

I wanted to create a different product.

A product that could be offered in the finest stores, yet without the huge price tag and synthetic ingredients that so many of us cannot tolerate.

 My clientele is dedicated and they know to expect outstanding quality and service.

So .... I am 'back to basics' - but my selections are anything but boring to make and use!

I am still formulating my own recipes in the Ayurvedic tradition, adhering to seasonal changes, skin types and doshas.

I still use the highest quality ingredients that I can source (most are food grade and organic).

For an up to the date schedule of future soaps and listing dates, please look at in the "On the Curing Rack" section.

Today's listings include shop favorites, Black Patchouly Shea, Black Temple Incense Shea, Five Sandalwoods Shea and Butter Cream (one of the most decadent, yet pure soaps that I have ever made/used).

Mid Spring will find a beautiful RueVetiver herbal soap, as well as Vata Ayurvedic Shea + more!

A Summer 'must have' is Angelic's beautiful, complex rendition of Florida Water.

Butter Cream
In Abundant Beauty and Health,

Angelic Soap