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Sunday, October 13, 2019


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Friday, September 20, 2019



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Thursday, August 15, 2019

New! Vata Ayurvedic!


Special and Limited Edition!

Vata Ayurvedic Organic Shea Butter Enriched with extra organic Turmeric and Goldenseal!
If your skin is being harshly treated by the summer, this is the gentle cleansing bar for you!

Vata Ayurvedic Organic Cleansing Bar
with extra Organic Turmeric and Goldenseal
Vata Ayurvedic Organic Shea Butter Cleanser is hard to keep in stock in the shop.
This special, limited edition with extra organic turmeric and goldenseal is in extremely limited quantity.
A cleansing bar that actually cleans like soap, but feels like a lotion. 
After using this creamy cleansing bar on my face and body, I never looked back to over-priced, synthetic cleansers.
This luxury cleansing bar is made with a baby formula that I adapted using Ayurvedic principles for my own complexion during harsh winters, blustery springs, windy falls or dry spells. 
Vata Shea is sized at approximately 5 - 6 ounces. 
Created with a base of precious orange blossom water, Vata Shea is made in the cold process method for a long lasting bar. 
Terrific for dry, chapped, fragile, aging, wind or sun burned/exposed skin, Vata Bar is gentle, enhanced with specially selected high-end base and essential oils for incredible benefits. The lather is lotion-like and extremely soothing as a complexion cleanser.
Super-fatted and containing ultra-luxurious organic jojoba, sweet almond, organic avocado oils, unrefined organic shea butter, organic turmeric and raw, organic coconut butter and raw sesame oil, this soap is ultra moisturizing, emollient, conditioning and soothing.
Suitable for men, women, children and infants, Vata Shea is extremely light on the scent (as to be considered unscented) with essential oils and has no added color, except the organic turmeric and goldenseal. If you or a loved one is sensitive to scent and/or coloring, Vata Shea will soothe, not irritate.
This soap is Angelic Soap's "Gold Standard", and the comforting bar I keep in my personal soap dish during fall, winter and spring.
There is no finer soap anywhere - at any price.
Vegan. Soothing. Creamy.

Sunday, July 21, 2019

Temple Incense Organic Shea Butter Soap

The best seller is back with a new, larger size!

Temple Incense is a highly fragranced bar of exotic goodness.

Nag champa, Frankincense and Orange Blossom fragrance and essential oil blend is infused into a Red Reef Aussie clay and Turmeric, organic, vegan recipe.

Very moisturizing and conditioning, Temple Incense is a unique bar.

Hand cut into 5-6 ounce generous, gilded bars.

Temple Incense Organic Shea Butter Bars

Angelic Soap

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Midsummer Organic Shea Butter Soap

Newly listed!

Midsummer Organic Shea Butter Handcrafted Soap is now for sale in the shop.

Perfect for summer heat and sun, this rich bar is scented with aged Patchouli and sweet Spearmint essential oils.

Colored with mica, this soap will refresh you and moisturize your skin.

Generously hand cut bars weigh between 5-6 ounces.

Midsummer Organic Shea Butter Soap

Angelic Soap

Wednesday, May 29, 2019

Silk Sari


By popular demand, one of our beloved limited editions is back in stock for summer.

Silk Sari Organic is a lush, creamy, beautiful bar swirled with some of the brightest and most beautiful colors and scents of India.

This gorgeous blend of sweet roses, jasmine, neroli, sandalwood and incense comes all wrapped up in pretty silk ribbons, recycled from Indian saris.

Silk Sari Organic
With a whole lotta love,

Angelic Soap

Monday, April 15, 2019

Hay Fever Suggestion

Mother Nature is upset.

Where we live, the temperatures have been wildly vacillating from upper 80s to low 40s in a day.  

The temperature fluctuation is usually accompanied by extreme winds of 40+ mph.

For me, this equation = hay fever misery.

So - I pass along this suggestion - use our "Thieves" Eucalyptus Blend organic bar in the shower. Angelic Soap's "Thieves", based in a rich, soothing raw shea butter recipe will actually soothe while creating a mild vapor in steam.

This bar is in our personal soap dish now!