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Thursday, February 5, 2015

Soothing Ayurvedic Cleanser & Facial Oil

If your skin is suffering from the winter weather, take heart and grab a bar of our 
"Vata Shea Ayurvedic Cleanser with Double Organic Turmeric".

Typically, in winter, this cleanser is in my soap dish.

The addition of double amounts of turmeric and goldenseal simply add an extra layer of calming for chapped or parched, distressed skin.

Vata Shea Ayurvedic CleanserwithDouble Organic Turmeric
To complete the soothing, moisturizing and conditioning, pick up a bottle of our superb "Vata Ayurvedic Facial Oil".

After cleansing, apply a few drops mixed with water in the palm of your hand to face and neck areas.

This fine facial oil comforts the complexion, as it adds a beautiful, "lit-from-within" glow.

Vata Ayurvedic Facial Oil

Angelic Soap