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Monday, April 19, 2010

Florals and Citrus Silk Soaps

Just posted a few new soaps at the Etsy shop. I am quite happy with these new lovelies.  Some are made with added hydrolyzed silk protein. The addition of silk knocks the soap off of the vegan map, but this particular type of silk is readily absorbed by the skin and hair. The silk provides reinforcement, nourishment and conditioning benefits! I also think it lends a bit more density to the lather...always a plus in my book.

First up and suitable for vegans, sensitives and purists, "Snow White Castile".. classic, olive oil-based, hot process soap. No scent. No fragrance. Terrific translucent purity. Timeless luxury tweaked thanks to added coconut milk.

"Lemon Silk Chiffon" ... juicy lemon, creamy meringue top, calendula petals and silk protein.

"Cocoa Rose" ... light touch of roses and tuberose (a white flower, actually) with a very faint whiff of dark chocolate thanks to Miss Tiggy's 'cocoa line', topped with French clays. This soap is very pretty and clean-smelling. There is silk, coconut milk and a touch of almond butter in this base. The soap is made by the cold process method so it is a very smooth consistency with no translucence.

"Peony Butter Cream"...smells just like that fab flower! This is the rich, unrefined cocoa butter base with coconut cream, colored with French clay and topped with rose petals. "Peony" is scented with a slightly heavier hand than most of my soap.

"Sorcery"....this is the soap that I based on my Mother's signature fragrance, vintage "Sortilege". This soap is sophisticated thanks to its jasmine, rose, neroli, ylang and aldehydic mix....smells like a fine parfum, but lighter. If you like Chanel No. 5, this may be your soap. Enriched with silk, "Sorcery" is topped with a sparkly, creamy frosting. A little bling to accompany the 'Little Black Dress' vibe.

You can find these beauties at
As always, thank you for reading my blog!
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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fruity Soap for Spring!

I created a "Vanille-Fig" soap that I cannot stop smelling! Now, I made a very small amount, so there are only five bars. I wish that I had whipped up a bigger batch.
Here is the scoop - this is a vegan, hot process soap that is packed with good things for the skin, including coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil.
Castor oil is amazing, healing stuff. It is not called "The Palma Christi" or "Hand of Christ" for nothing! Check out Edgar Cayce's healings and uses for castor oil and try some for yourself.
I personally do not care for vanilla or fig as 'stand alone scents', but the combination in "Vanille-Fig" is magical! Sweet, green and warm - all at the same time. The soap is a dark color, courtesy of the vanilla content. The lather is low and rich.
I think this soap is one of my all-time personal bests!

Another luscious fruity soap is the hot process "Grapefruit". This soap is scented with both pink and white grapefruit essential oils. The color is courtesy of varying intensities of turmeric - so good for skin! 
Similar in recipe to the "Vanille-Fig", this vegan soap is a definite pleasure to use!
Again, enriched with coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil, "Grapefruit" is a nice change of pace for your morning shower. Low, rich lather and that unbeatable juicy and delicious scent.

All of our soaps are lightly scented (unless noted otherwise) and moisturizing due to the super fat ... this is the process whereby a luxury or special oil or butter is added after the soap batter comes to saponification. In other words, after the lye and oils combine into a cake batter-like consistency, the 'super fat' is added ... this is what makes the soap so lovely for the skin. Non-drying and hydrating. 
Want to go shopping? Find these great Spring soaps here
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Wednesday, April 14, 2010

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Allergies or Itching for Something New?

Spring has sprung with a vengeance. Allergies are at an all time high in these parts. Achooo!!!
One simple  measure you can take is to shower and wash your hair after you are inside for the night.
Trust me, this works! In addition to washing off all the pollen and dust that have accumulated during the day, a shower naturally produces beneficial negative ions.
Now, if you are like me, you will need some additional enticement for this evening ritual.
Why not switch up your soap?
How about a classy, hot processed, sweet Honey and Beeswax bar (below)?

Or would you prefer the classic indulgence of one of our pure extra virgin olive oil Castiles? We have an unscented, a very light floral and a sweet and lightly spicy smelling Smooth Colloidal Oat (think Aveeno) and Caramelized Honey. No finer choice for preparing the skin for rest and rejuvenation.

Fragrance can interfere with, or enhance sleep. Be careful what you choose if you like fragrance at bedtime. For a light, yet grounding scent, try our delectable "Rosewood" bar with cedar and other wood essential oils.

Lavender is the go-to essential oil for deep relaxation...find it in our "French Breeze" soap.  "French Breeze" also has light touches of clove and geranium essential oils which result in a surprisingly clean and ultra-fresh scent.

For a seductive fragrance, "Amber Blue Moon" is hard to beat. With amber and night blooming jasmine, "Blue Moon" is a perfect choice for introducing a little sultriness into your night slumber.

I hope that these soaps give you a few new fresh ideas for that mundane, routine shower.
Ready, set,  lather!
With Love, Truth and Beauty....

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Uses for Coffee Soap

Years ago, I used lemon juice to remove kitchen odors from my hands after food prep. Lemon juice does a good job of removing those garlic and onion smells that linger on the fingers.  However, I do not always have lemons on hand and the juice can be irritating.
I soon discovered the reason why nearly every soap maker has a coffee soap in their line - coffee grinds remove those same stubborn odors.
Coffee grinds also exfoliate mildly and their caffeine is used in some skin care.

Another terrific use for coffee soap? 
Shampoo your canine critters with coffee soap. Just be sure to use handmade soap - not detergent soap!
I do not want to be indiscreet, but Lea and Shaggy could certainly use a bath with odor-removing coffee soap!
The soap we create is called "Coffee House Soap". This bar is super-fatted for moisture, scented with a sweet, sexy musk and vetivert with  fine grinds of organic French roast laced throughout the soap.

When humans use "Coffee House Soap", other people tend to remark "Oh! What is the scent you are wearing"? and then follow you around, so be careful!
When Lea and Shaggy use it - well...they are a lot more pleasant to invite into the home - which is where they naturally want to be - as close to the human(s) as possible. I think you understand this point.

You can find "Coffee House Soap" in our Etsy shop. Or, scroll down the page here and click - shipping costs are already added in to your purchase.
In addition to washing the canine and the cook, this soap makes a great hostess gift!
In Love and Beauty....