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Friday, April 16, 2010

Fruity Soap for Spring!

I created a "Vanille-Fig" soap that I cannot stop smelling! Now, I made a very small amount, so there are only five bars. I wish that I had whipped up a bigger batch.
Here is the scoop - this is a vegan, hot process soap that is packed with good things for the skin, including coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil, palm oil and castor oil.
Castor oil is amazing, healing stuff. It is not called "The Palma Christi" or "Hand of Christ" for nothing! Check out Edgar Cayce's healings and uses for castor oil and try some for yourself.
I personally do not care for vanilla or fig as 'stand alone scents', but the combination in "Vanille-Fig" is magical! Sweet, green and warm - all at the same time. The soap is a dark color, courtesy of the vanilla content. The lather is low and rich.
I think this soap is one of my all-time personal bests!

Another luscious fruity soap is the hot process "Grapefruit". This soap is scented with both pink and white grapefruit essential oils. The color is courtesy of varying intensities of turmeric - so good for skin! 
Similar in recipe to the "Vanille-Fig", this vegan soap is a definite pleasure to use!
Again, enriched with coconut milk, extra virgin olive oil, coconut oil and castor oil, "Grapefruit" is a nice change of pace for your morning shower. Low, rich lather and that unbeatable juicy and delicious scent.

All of our soaps are lightly scented (unless noted otherwise) and moisturizing due to the super fat ... this is the process whereby a luxury or special oil or butter is added after the soap batter comes to saponification. In other words, after the lye and oils combine into a cake batter-like consistency, the 'super fat' is added ... this is what makes the soap so lovely for the skin. Non-drying and hydrating. 
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  1. Yummy. Vanilla-Fig sounds fabulous and I love the dark, natural looking color.

  2. Anne-Marie,
    I combined two FOS and the scent is JUST PERFECT for Vanille-Fig.
    Thank you for your comment....always nice to "see you".

  3. It IS fabulous! I am down to my last bits of it **wiping a couple of tears**. It is truly as described: sweet, green, and warm, without being cloying at all. You might even be tempted to take a bite :D Just don't, lol. Save it for shower :D Oh, and these soaps are very lush. They'll leave your skin soft. OK, Teresa, I am ready for payment for the endorsement (tee-hee-hee!). Seriously, these are mighty fantastic soaps :)

  4. Dear Claudine,
    Thank you, Sweetie!
    The payment is in the mail... :)