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Monday, May 30, 2011

Special Pricing in the Etsy Shop

Please input coupon code ANGEL25 at checkout for an automatic 25% discount in the Etsy soap shop off any of your selected soaps.
Happy Memorial Day!
Love, Truth, Beauty
Honey Colloidal Oat Castile

New Soaps in Shop and THIS HEAT!!!

It is 102 in the shade where I reside - went right from tornadic weather (with hail) to HOT.
I am a Pitta dosha, according to Ayurvedic medicine. This is the classic, red-headed, green-eyed dosha that is HOT already. The mind and intellect are quick and sharp too. Hot. Hot. Hot.  When faced with extreme heat, I am not only miserable, I am cranky, irritable and inpatient. Yep. That's me!
I have been MIA on both my blogs - and my reading of my other friend's blogs. But - I am back! Yay!
I was racing against time to stock new soap before the temps climbed, as I like my oils to stay fresh. So - I have been a little busy...but - I would like you to see a few new soaps.
White Flowers Supreme Shea
Oak Moss Rose Mint
Orange Blossom Shea
Bay Essential Oil Shaving Round
Black Temple Incense
Calendula Petals
Green Matcha Tea
More to come!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

BIG as the Full Moon Sale

Due to the Full Moon-induced lunacy, I am running a short special in my soap shop.
50% off each and every bar!
Simply input coupon code FULLMOON50 at checkout.
If you need more than one bar, please email me through Etsy - BEFORE YOU PURCHASE - and I will check stock. If I have what you need, I will create a special listing for you. Often, I have more than one bar, which is the standard listing.
La Luna
"Temple Incense Shea" and "5 Sandalwoods" soap are back in stock. This is a great opportunity to purchase some favorites and try some new things!
Time to howl!
Love. Truth. Beauty.

Friday, May 13, 2011

Spring Cleaning the Temple

Spring feeling more like summer here! 
Regardless of what the weather feels like, I follow the time-honored tradition of 'spring cleaning'. Not only do I go through clothes and household goods for donation, I also cleanse and purify the house. 
The spring cleaning of one's living quarters makes a big difference in the personal environment. 
Typically, I thoroughly clean the house, change out bedding, drapes, carefully clean all crystals, adornments and organize or toss clutter. Then, I prepare a solution, depending on my purposes or intentions, and wipe down all the home's surfaces. Last, I burn incense and utilize aromatherapy.
I have not posted in awhile because I have been super-busy creating new soaps! I am excited about these new beauties, but I will wait awhile longer before posting any images. The curing period can test my patience. Especially the curing period for pure castile soap, which is 6 - 12 months. 
While we are on the topic of spring cleaning, many of you may not know that I create special soaps for rituals, ceremonies and purposes. These soaps are typically custom-ordered to the client's specifications. I have a small arsenal of herbs, roots and oils that I use to create these special soaps. Lastly, I imbue each and every one of my soaps with Reiki energy. I hold a 3rd degree in Reiki, although I do not widely advertise that fact.
I recently made some custom ritual soap attuned to Angelic healing for a special client. The order turned out beautifully.
Additionally, I have a batch of soap that is curing on the shelf that uses particular oils and herbal decoctions for prosperity. Sometimes, you must have knowledge of the magical arts and you will be able to spot the special soaps in the shop.
Here is a current example of a spiritually-based cleansing soap .....

Sweetgrass, Cedar & Sage
This soap is made with the essential oils of the smudging herbs: sweetgrass, cedar and sage. These herbs are said to purify spaces, places, a person and the atmosphere. The smudging practice is well-known to Native Americans and Spiritual Practitioners. 
I am fond of this soap, as it has a mild, clean aroma and is colored with natural chlorophyll and turmeric. As always, the soap recipe itself is lightly moisturizing.
So, do keep in mind that "Your Body Is Your Temple"
How about a nice spring cleaning in your tub?
In Love, Truth and Beauty