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Thursday, February 16, 2012

Pure Castile!!

True castile soap is an every day luxury. 
Angelic's Pure Castile soap has been aged for a year, but will get even better with more age! 
Pure castile is nothing but high quality, saponified extra virgin olive oil - no scent or added color. 
The result? A hard, creamy white bar that is bubbly and mild.
Some say that castile is the most elegant of soap.
Find out why! 
Now on sale in the soap shop!
Pure Castile

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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Calendula (Marigold) Soap

There is a good reason that many soapmakers create a type of calendula (marigold) soap. Calendula is extremely soothing to the skin and can be found in many skin products. An age-old remedy for wind burn and chafing, calendula is considered an herbal additive in soap.
What makes Angelic Soap's "Calendula Petals" soap different than most of the other soap and products on the market is the addition of homeopathic calendula tincture (non-alcoholic), as well as an herbal infusion.

Calendula Petals

The prized homeopathic calendula is very potent indeed. I was employed by a homeopathic manufacturer and took classes in homeopathy, so I have kept a jar of calendula ointment, as well as a liquid tincture in  my medicine chest for many years.
Calendula is a miracle worker for healing cuts, abrasions, diaper rash, burns and all manner of skin assaults. 
Caution should be exercised with homeopathic salve or cream. It is not to be used on open wounds. Homeopathic calendula may actually heal the upper layers of skin so quickly that debris or infection can be trapped under the superficial wound. I use the homeopathic salve after the initial injury shows signs of no longer being 'open'. If the wound is superficial, calendula can be used immediately.
If you have delicate skin that is subjected to windy conditions or perhaps has endured abrasion (an overly zealous scrub, microdermabrasion, exfoliation, men's shaving or harsh treatment), give Angelic Soap's "Calendula Petals" a trial. 
This gentle, yet fortified cleanser is kind to all skin - from facial skin to an infant's bottom.