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Tuesday, October 20, 2015

New! Hindustani Roja Organic Shea Butter Handcrafted Soap

Hindustani Roja

Capture the exotic scents of ancient India with this timeless blend of Mysore Santal, Nag Champa, Sweet Rose and Frankincense.

Available in the shop now for a limited time!


Angelic Soap

Monday, September 21, 2015


Do you dry brush or utilize some other type of exfoliation in your grooming routine? 
If you do not exfoliate, you should. All of the lotions and potions in the world will will not penetrate the outer dermis if the dead cells are not routinely removed. 
Men naturally exfoliate when they shave, and most have baby soft complexions. 
I use a combo of dry brushing and exfoliating - both my face and body. 
Lately, I have tired of tossing old brushes and loofahs. Many of the so called body brushes do not even work properly! 
I have discovered Asian exfoliating mitts and towels. 
Bargain at Asian Markets or E Bay (but shipping takes a long time). 
And - you can machine wash.
I do not endorse any products except Angelic Soap, so this post is simply for information purposes. Here is my routine - I use the mitts for dry brushing my body, or after a plain soak in water, I will use the mitts in a vertical fashion. Then, my usual cleansing with Angelic Soap. The clay-based Angelic Soaps double as shaving creme! While my skin is damp, I lightly spray a natural oil (any natural oil is good, but I favor safflower in a spray bottle from the hardware store) while skin is damp/wet. 
Facial cleansing is a bit different. 
I use a buf puff or a clean, rough strip of a cut up wash cloth and my Angelic Soap (always unscented), followed by coconut oil or one of Angelic's facial serums/oils (sometimes, both!). Sometimes, I will grab a tablespoon of sugar, moisten lightly with water, and gently rub my face, neck and d├ęcolletage in circular motions. Rinse, and then apply my oil.
You do not need fancy scrubs if you have sugar or salt or baking soda on hand.
And - I always use a barrier sunscreen.
Here is a shot of some of my "tools".

Friday, August 28, 2015

Rosehip and Argan Oil Cleanser

Is the environment, the passing of time or change of season wreaking havoc with your beautiful skin?
Angelic Soap has created a cleansing bar that contains many ingredients reputed to have rejuvenating properties.
Dubbed "The Rejuvenator" by our clients, Organic Rosehip & Argan Oil Rejuvenating Bar (High Performance) contains organic rosehip seed oil (vitamin C), Moroccan argan oil (emollient), rosewater (cooling), sunflower seed oil (vitamin E), raw, organic shea butter, castor oil, gentle palm kernel oil and French Rose Clay (rare - for sensitive skin) with a dose of carrot seed oil.
This special cleanser has been created in a very limited edition. 
Each hand cut bar is nicely sized and weighs approximately 4-4.5+ ounces.
Organic Rosehip & Argan Oil Rejuvenating Bar (High Performance) contains no fragrance or added color, except the Rose Clay, so it is an essential for sensitives, infants, or as a facial cleanser.
If your skin is feeling like it needs a vacation, grab a bar today.
Quantities are limited.

Organic Rosehip and Argan Oil Cleanser

Monday, August 24, 2015

From our website ....

Why do we handcraft artisanal soap?

Our primary goal is to create real soap that is kind to your skin and to the environment. 

The skin is the largest organ of the body, so sensitivities, irritants and emotions can be literally “written all over your face”. The skin absorbs – and displays -everything! To that end, Angelic Soap is pure real soap, created for discriminating human beings, their companion animals and all of their heavenly bodies. 

Angelic Soap is made in the time-honored traditional methods of both cold process and hot process, to bring you a product that even sensitive skin will find beneficial. If this is your first time using our soap, be prepared for the surprising luxury that comes at no detriment to your precious skin or the environment.

What makes Angelic Soap outstanding is the uncompromised quality of the ingredients. Our soap is created from the finest, food grade vegetable oils and raw, unrefined, organic butters that are sourced from Fair Trade and ethical vendors. 

We also care about visual appeal, so Angelic Soap uses delicious colorings from nature, particularly natural clays, spices and herbs.

If you are choosing a scented soap, you can be certain that much consideration went into the aromatherapeutic fragrance formula. Angelic Soap will always choose precious essential oils first. Superior quality fragrance oils may be used for more specific or complex blends. 

Here is what you will not find in Angelic Soap: 
Sodium Laureth Sulphate, Sodium Lauryl Sulphate, Propylene Glycol and parabens. No animal products or by-products except an odd organic milk or honey batch. Each bar of Angelic Soap lathers because of the choice and proportion of oils used – NOT chemicals!

For more details, be sure to visit us at

Friday, August 21, 2015

Black Patchouly Shea

This is a superbly handcrafted, elegant and fragranced soap with the singular note of aged black Indonesian patchouly essential oil. 
Black Patchouly Shea grows deeper in scent with the aging process.
Hand cut into approximately 4-5 ounce bars, this soap is ultra-moisturizing and lushly creamy, thanks to raw, unrefined, shea butter and our rich, emollient recipe.
Cream base, topped with a light purple meringue, sprinkled with a light touch of sparkle, a dark cocoa horizon line makes this soap a visual beauty!
A perennial favorite, this is a terrific soap for all seasons and is beloved by both men and women.
If you, or someone you know, is a patchouly lover - this will be THE favorite soap!

Black Patchouly Shea

Monday, August 17, 2015

A Sultry Summer Soap

One of our most-beloved soaps, now formulated with a richer, emollient base recipe for added luxe.
Cold process, handcrafted soap of the finest vegetable oils and raw, unrefined, organic shea butter for superior moisturizing and conditioning.
Colored with emerald mica and Rose French clay, this pampering soap treats your skin gently! 
Deep South Floral Shea would make an excellent shaving soap for the ladies due to the rich Rose clay content and exceptional moisturizing abilities.
Unique fragrance blend of predominantly creamy magnolia, gardenia, mimosa and jasmine resting on a base of vetivert. 
This soap is reminiscent of a sultry Southern garden on a warm, romantic evening.
This soap weighs  approximately 4-5 ounces and is perfect for any season or Southern Belles.
Channel your inner Scarlet O'Hara with this beauty!
Vegan. Summery. Southern.

Deep South Floral Shea

Friday, August 14, 2015

Timeless Sandalwood .....

5 Sandalwoods Shea Handcrafted Cold Process Soap may be the most celestial sandalwood soap that we have created to-date.
Each bar weighs approximately 5+ ounces and gets its light, yet distinctive aroma from 5 different sources: essential oils, fragrance oils and sandalwood powder.
5 Sandalwoods Shea is naturally colored and swirled with skin-loving clays, turmeric and sandalwood powder to gently benefit any skin type. 
Much beloved by men and women, sandalwood is renowned for its ability to purify and cool. 
5 Sandalwoods is lightly dusted with sandalwood powder for an extremely gentle exfoliating top.
This beautiful, cold process, handmade soap is handcrafted with our extremely rich, organic, vegetable oil-based recipe for superior conditioning and moisture. A heaping dollop of creamy, raw, organic shea butter is the one of the keys to this soap's luxury.
This soap has the classic scent of quality.

5 Sandalwoods Shea

Monday, August 10, 2015

Ayurvedic Cleanser for normal-oily skin

Back by request is Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Cleanser, an ideal facial soap for oily, combination or normal skin during warm weather!
This barely scented soap is formulated in the Ayurvedic tradition, using light, organic vegetable oils, herbs, essences and French Green and White clays that are balancing and purifying for skin.
Your complexion may never experience a finer, gentle cleanser - at any price.
This soap is made in the cold process method and should last a long time if allowed to drain properly between uses.
Each hand cut, generously sized bar weighs 5-6+ ounces.
Kapha Herbal Cleanser is made from fresh and nutritious organic oils such as organic coconut and sweet almond oil.
The cleansing and purifying properties of this superior soap are enhanced by essential oils that are carefully selected to pacify and balance kapha.
Try this soap and never pay for a synthetic cleansing solution again!

Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Cleanser

Friday, August 7, 2015

Black Currant Rose

This traditionally handcrafted soap is based on a scent by Paris-based Diptyque. 
Black Currant Rose is an amazing fresh scent of black currant, black currant leaf (think tea) and sweet Bulgarian rose - alternately green, floral, fruity and spicy!
Not an overpowering scent, but a complex one that will lend even the dreariest of days a splash of feminine romance.
The scent is hand blended in to our luxurious vegan, organic oil recipe and topped with Red Reef Aussie Clay (great for shaving) and a sprinkling of black and gold mica.
There are no added coloring agents except for the natural clay.
Hand cut into bars weighing approximately 4 ounces, Black Currant Rose will suit any woman!
Available for sale now!
Black Currant Rose

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

French Lavender Butter Cream

A heavenly confection, our French Lavender Butter Cream is an organic coconut milk soap with an abundance of raw, organic cocoa butter.
Scented with the highest quality French Lavender essential oil, this soap is all elegant, aromatherapeutic luxury.
Formulated to produce a very silky, low and creamy lather, French Lavender Butter Cream is exceptionally emollient, conditioning and kind to skin.
Each hand cut bar weighs approximately 4 - 5 ounces and is topped with tender lavender buds.
Trust me, this is not your Grandmother's Lavender soap! 
This vegan delicacy is downright sexy.

French Lavender Butter Cream

Friday, July 31, 2015

The "Rejuvenator"

Our luxe rejuvenating soap is back in stock as of August 1, 2015!
Organic Argan and Rosehip Oil soap is full of some fantastic ingredients for mature skin, or complexions that need a 'vacation'.
What skin does not need a pick me up at the height of a long, hot summer?
French Rose Clay, French White Clay and carrot seed essential oil contribute to this special cleanser.

Organic Argan and Rosehip Oil
Organic argan oil is ultra rich and is reputed to be able to penetrate skin and hair. Organic rosehip oil has been called 'natural botox'.
Read about all of the other specially chosen ingredients and this natural gem of a cleanser in our shop - simply click on the image above.

Limited Edition


Angelic Soap

Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Only 3 More Days to Shop ....

..... our HEAT WAVE sale!

Use coupon code HEATWAVE20 at checkout to receive 20% off of any and all of our fine merchandise!

This sale will end at midnight on July 31st, 2015.

Like a Mid Summer's Night Dream, when you awaken on August 1st - poof! - the great discounts will have vanished.

Customer Service Representative
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Angelic Soap

Monday, July 27, 2015

Vata Ayurvedic Shea Cleanser is Back in Stock!

Our best selling cleanser is now for sale and back in the Angelic Soap shop.
This fantastic cleanser, Vata Shea Ayurvedic Cleanser sells out quickly - and for good reasons!
The recipe is based on Ayurvedic principles and is chock full of ingredients to soothe, pamper and replenish the most fragile complexions - including babies!
Choose Vata Shea Ayurvedic Cleanser if you have thin, dry, chapped skin. 
This bar is crammed with the richest of pure, organic vegetable oils - avocado, jojoba (really a wax), raw organic shea butter and more, plus a very finely milled French White clay mixed with organic turmeric.
Therapeutic essential oils are sparingly added to enrich the recipe - not for scent.
The bar is a generously handcut block of creaminess and will last a very long time.

Vata Shea Ayurvedic Cleanser
For an additional layer of nourishment, moisture and protection, pair this cleanser with our fabulous Vata Ayurvedic Facial Oil. No silicones or anything artificial in this pure oil! Nicely priced, too.

This combo cannot be beat for the ultimate in complexion care. Perfect for other types of skin during the windy, cold months too.

Vata Ayurvedic Facial Oil

Angelic Soap

Friday, July 24, 2015

Ayurvedic Complexion Keeper for Summer

If you have normal skin that tends towards oily in the hot months, or if you have an oily t-zone, oily skin or skin that is prone to breakouts, Angelic Soap may have a terrific solution for you.
Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Cleanser is a beneficial soap for all of the above skin types.
This very special cleanser was formulated using the long standing principles of Ayurveda and has proven itself to be a high performance winner with our clients.
Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Cleanser has exceptional ingredients, starting with the all natural organic, lighter vegetable oil formula that is enriched with French clay, special herbs and a very light sprinkling of custom selected essential oils - just for your skin type.

Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Cleanser
This cleansing bar will thoroughly cleanse and treat your special complexion needs without being harsh.
For another layer of protection, try our luxurious Kapha Ayurvedic Facial Oil after cleansing your face. Just a few drops mixed with pure water in the palm of your hand, spread in a thin film over face, neck and hands will give you a lovely layer of nourishment and a glow that is not greasy! No silicones or anything fake!

This is serious skin care that may totally revamp your routine!

Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Facial Oil
Click on either image above to be transported to our shop - and, possibly, a new you.


Angelic Soap

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Angelic Soap's Website

If you have not visited Angelic Soap's website, please do so!

There, you can find our mission statement, client reviews, our shop, our blog, a listing of what soaps are being cured currently and their anticipated listing/release dates.

The website is the one place where you can access everything about Angelic Soap.

Please click either the link or the image below and enjoy!

Website Portal

Angelic Soap

Saturday, July 18, 2015

A Best Seller

Temple Incense Shea
One of our first soaps, and still a best seller!

Nag Champa, Incense and Orange Blossom.

Click the image above to shop!

Love and Gratitude,

Angelic Soap

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Heat Wave Sale

Our beloved clients know that Angelic Soap does not sponsor special discounts or hold sales events very often, but .... 

It is just too darned hot to not enjoy Angelic Soap!

From now until July 31, 2015, you can receive a whopping 20% off any and all of your purchases!

Input coupon code HEATWAVE20 at checkout.

Quantities are limited, so please shop early for the best selection.

Now is the time to collect your favorites, stock up, or purchase those gifts to stash away.

May we suggest the following......
French Lavender Butter Cream

Vanilla Apricot Shea
Deep South Floral Shea
Mermaid Shea
Frankincense & Myrrh Shea
Simply click on any image to take you to the shop!

Again, the discounted price is good for ALL items!

Monday, July 13, 2015

A Luxe Daily Soap

Sometimes, you want a simple, yet fabulous soap for your daily bath or shower.

This is exactly why we have created "Frankincense and Myrrh Shea" Butter soap.

A great soap for men and women alike, this bar does not have any added colors or decorative accents - just a nice, handcut chunk of 5 ounce handcrafted goodness.

"Frankincense and Myrrh Shea"will not conflict with your favored daily fragrance or lotions, but will leave your skin moisturized, thanks to our ultra-rich, raw shea butter and organic vegetable oil recipe.

This soap is so rich, that it can double as a shaving soap!

"Frankincense and Myrrh Shea"
Someone once likened the sweet and unmistakeable scent of Frankincense to "all the trees of paradise". We have added ancient, smoky myrrh resin to this soap for the timeless and classic 'frankincense and myrrh'.

Newly listed and limited edition.

Sweet and Smoky.


Angelic Soap

Saturday, July 11, 2015

Keep Cool, Calm and Carry On

I have been heat intolerant for many years. 
On top of the heat issue, I am of Irish descent, with fair, sensitive skin that leans towards red - even when not touched by the sun's rays.
I was so very frustrated with my many cleanser purchases, that I enlisted the help of a kindly Indian dermatologist and designed Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Cleanser to cool, calm and cleanse my sensitive Celtic complexion.
This cleanser continues to work for me and many of my clients. 
It is THE choice for summer!
Chock full of cooling, organic vegetable oils, nut butters and essential oils, copious amounts of Rose Clay makes this a hard working, yet elegant cleanser that really does keep the 'red' at bay.
Find Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Cleanser for sale now in the shop.
Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Cleanser
Another terrific addition addition to the summer cleansing regimen, is our Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Facial Oil
Just a few drops of this light, calming oil mixed with water in the palm of the hand and then applied to damp skin (do not forget the neck and hands) really cools and comforts overheated skin.
Again, the organic vegetable oils and essential oils are very light and chosen to calm, not irritate sensitive skin. 
There are just enough essential flower and plant oils to be pleasant and cooling, but not enough to aggravate. 
Many skin oils, serums, soaps and cleansers have fragrance that wreaks havoc with skin - delicate or otherwise.
Like all of our facial oils, Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Facial Oil is made-to-order and fresh upon arrival at your door. 
No need for refrigeration.
Now available for sale in the shop.
Ayurvedic Facial Oils
Simply click on either of the images above to go directly to the Angelic Soap shop.

During the changes of season, it is always a good idea to switch up your grooming routine.
In Summer, sub raw, organic coconut oil for your usual body, shaving, hair and face moisturizing. 
Along with rosewater (make your own, or purchase the food grade on line or in ethnic markets), you can stay cool and calm during hot weather.
Rosewater makes a refreshing facial mist and toner for the complexion.
A few drops of rosewater in cool, pure water creates a beverage that cools the entire body.

Happy Summer, All!


Angelic Soap

Friday, July 10, 2015

Mermaid Shea

Mermaid Shea
If you like Aveda-like scents, you will love this handcrafted soap, loaded with raw, organic shea butter.

You may not want to come out of the water!

For sale now in the shop - simply click the above image.


Angelic Soap

Monday, July 6, 2015

Gypsy Water - not just another Boho Soap!

Gypsy Water Shea
An indescribable slice of fragrant, colorful, handcrafted soap!

Black pepper, lemon zest, champagne, musk, bergamot, vanilla and sandalwood are just a few of the notes in this complex bouquet.

Very limited edition!

For sale now - simply click on the image to shop!


Angelic Soap

Saturday, July 4, 2015

Hot Summer Temps?

Our 5 Sandalwoods not only has a divine scent, according to Ayurveda, it has cooling properties.

Beloved by both men and women, our best selling 5 Sandalwoods is in stock now!

Just click on the image to shop!
5 Sandalwoods

Angelic Soap

Friday, July 3, 2015

Natural Lemongrass

Natural Lemongrass
A perennial summer favorite!

Natural Lemongrass essential oil in a lightly moisturizing bar for the warm months.

Now for sale in the shop!

Simply click on the image above.


Angelic Soap

Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Two Vanillas Shea

Now in stock! 

Two Vanillas Shea is a vanilla lovers dream!

 Rich, dark Tahitian vanilla combines with a liquor-like French vanilla. 

Chocolate, coffee, caramel and brandy notes from the hand blended French vanilla linger after the initial vanilla rush (I am not kidding!). 

Limited Edition

Two Vanillas Shea 
For sale now in the shop. Click on the image to go there now!


Angelic Soap

Tuesday, June 30, 2015


Apricot Vanilla Shea

Apricot Vanilla Shea

A delicious scent of jackfruit, papaya and apricot, heavily sprinkled with sugared vanilla pod.

More vanilla bean than fruit, Apricot Vanilla Shea is hand cut into 5 ounce bars, gilded with gold mica and laced with crushed vanilla beans.

The cold process recipe is designed around organic vegetable oils and raw, organic, unrefined shea butter.

No added coloring agents in this soap due to the heavy content of vanilla.

Apricot Vanilla Shea will leave your skin moisturized and lightly scented, in addition to turning your bath into an aromatherapy delight.

For sale now in the shop, just click on either image!


Angelic Soap

Monday, June 29, 2015

Deep South Floral Shea

Deep South Floral Shea
A summer favorite back in stock!

Luxe shea butter recipe, enriched with Rose clay and fragranced with creamy magnolia, gardenia, mimosa and jasmine.

Fit for any Southern Belle!

Now for sale in the shop!


Angelic Soap

Friday, June 26, 2015

French Lavender Butter Cream

Back in Stock!

Perfect soap for soothing frazzled nerves and conditioning skin at the same time!

French Lavender Butter Cream
The best French Lavender essential oil (literally purchased in Paris!) + coconut milk + raw, organic cocoa butter = a superb spa cleansing experience.

Create a tranquil escape in your own tub or bath!


Angelic Soap

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Back by Popular Demand

Temple Incense Shea
One of our first soaps, and still a best seller!

Nag Champa, Incense and Orange Blossom.

Now replenished stock in the shop!

Love and Gratitude,

Angelic Soap

Friday, June 19, 2015

5 Sandalwoods Shea is Back!

Our 5 Sandalwoods not only has a divine scent, according to Ayurveda, it has cooling properties!

Beloved by both men and women, 5 Sandalwoods is in stock now!

Just click on the image to shop!
5 Sandalwoods

Angelic Soap

Thursday, June 18, 2015

The Miracle Healing Balm Bar

Vata Shea Ayurvedic Cleanser is SOLD OUT!

More on the way .... listing date is July 19th, 2015.

In the meantime, if your skin is showing the ravages of summer heat, rashes, insect bites or irritation, try some MAJOR skin TLC in the form of our "Summer Healing Balm Cleanser".

This uber-special cleansing bar is chock full of wonderful ingredients and is oh-so-good for skin!

Homeopathic Calendula non-alchoholic tincture is blended with an herbal infusion and turmeric into our lush, organic soap recipe - hand cut into generous bars and topped with calendula petals.

No fragrance - so non-irritating for sensitive facial skin and even safe for baby, "Summer Healing Balm Cleanser" treats your skin to a naturopathic medicine chest and a spa in one bar!

All of the good things that you want and need and none of the bad stuff!

On sale now in the shop.

Simply click the image below to purchase.

"Summer Healing Balm Cleanser" 

Angelic Soap

Healing Balm Bar for Summer

Summer Balm Bar
A terrific handcrafted soap that will provide soothing comfort for summer woes and irritations.
Balm Bar contains a host of wholesome additives like calendula infusions - both homeopathic and herbal plus German chamomile.
Non-scented, this soap is rustic, hand cut into generous bars and topped with calendula petals. 
This bar is also a good facial cleanser!
Available now in the shop!
Angelic Soap

Monday, June 15, 2015

Free Your Spirit!

Introducing .....

Gypsy Water Shea
A gorgeous, complex scent of black pepper, pine needles, vanilla, iris root, sandalwood, lemon, bergamot and incense, all wrapped in a swirl of our luscious raw shea butter recipe.


Can I get a tambourine shake?


Angelic Soap

Haitian Vetiver Shea

A summer must have for men and women!

The cooling and indescribable scent of real vetiver essential oil ("root that is dug up") - the renowned classic for cooling. 

Haitian Vetivert Shea has notes of vetiver, bergamot and an almost champagne-like effervescence. SO lovely for warm weather .... indispensable in many parts of the world.

Now for sale in the shop.

Haitian Vetivert Shea
Simply click on the image to shop!


Angelic Soap

Sunday, June 14, 2015

Mid 90s before Summer Solstice!!!

Hey - who turned the heat up?!

As a heat intolerant person, I frequently incorporate rose water, rose petals, rose clay, rose oil, coconut water and oil plus sandalwood for cooling purposes.

Too hot and bothered for all that DIY business?

No worries, we have done most of it for you!

Here is the perfect Summer cleanser: Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Cleanser.

Dispels redness, heat and leaves skin cooled and silky without heavy oils, butters or anything artificial.
Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Cleanser
Great for sensitive skin.

This very special Ayurvedic cleanser has a cult following (including Yours Truly)!

In stock now!

Simply click on the image to shop.


Angelic Soap

Friday, June 5, 2015

Normal to Oily Skin Cleanser

With temperatures getting warmer in most parts of the States, some folks need a cleanser that has a bit more 'muscle'.
Our special recipe "Kapha Ayurvedic Herbal Cleansing Bar" just might fit your needs.
Refreshing and made with specially selected herbs, fine clays and lovely, light organic vegetable oils, "Kapha Ayurvedic Cleanser" also features carefully chosen essential oils to gently, yet thoroughly cleanse without irritation.
This is the cleanser of choice for those with normal to oily complexions that tend towards increased oiliness in the warm weather months.
Most cleansers designed for the Kapha complexion simply strip the skin with harsh detergents or worse. This cleansing bar will wash away impurities and leave the skin soft.
Great for bodies too - refreshing in a shower after gardening or that workout.
Now in Stock!
Kapha Ayurvedic Herbal Cleanser

Simply click on the image above to go straight to the shop!

Angelic Soap

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Vata Ayurvedic Shea Restock

Vata Ayruvedic Shea Cleanser
One of our most beloved soaps, created from our custom-designed, Ayurvedic recipe is back in stock!

Just in time for summer, Vata Ayurvedic Shea is soothing to the most irritated skin.

Now in stock!


Angelic Soap

Friday, May 22, 2015

Bohemian Shea Bar

Newly listed in the shop - a very limited edition of Bohemian Shea handcrafted soap.

A twist on the usual Vanilla and Sandalwood blend, Bohemian Shea adds a dollop of the finest aged Black Patchouli to deepen and darken the combined scent of Black Vanilla and Mysore Sandalwood.

Note the dark color, so much like a vanilla pod. That is a clear indication of the generous amount of rich vanillin.

The decadent scent is folded into our organic vegetable oil recipe, enriched with the creamiest raw, organic shea butter.

A good choice for both men and women, this soap smells wildly expensive and is available in a limited edition.

Perhaps the Bohemian is a dilettante after all?


Angelic Soap

Bohemian Shea Butter Soap