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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

New Richer Soap Recipe

Our new "Velvet Shea" soap recipe is being very well-received by our clients! 
I used to only make this soap in the dead of winter when skin is soooo stressed by the elements and indoor heating. However, the hot summers, windy conditions and air conditioning (especially where I live) begged the question: why not offer this rich, moisturizing recipe in a few bars for ALL seasons? So far, so good. 
Angelic Soap has an assortment of different recipes and scents for any body or face. 
It is important to check the ingredients for any soap that you may be interested in purchasing. "Velvet Shea" contains a HUGE amount of shea butter - much more than our regular shea soap - and other goodies to make it not necessarily as bubbly, but more emollient and moisturizing to the skin.
It really does feel like velvet .... and your skin will too!
This soap is very nice if you gently exfoliate or dry brush your skin before use. 
No need to venture outside your own shower for a spa experience!
Fleur de Caribe Velvet Shea
Pictured above is just one of the Velvet Shea series: Fleur de Caribe.
This soap, unlike some of the other Angelic Soap, is lavishly scented. The scent is mind-blowing! Very sweet and tropical, like a hibiscus crossed with ylang wafting from deep blue water.
From the beginning, Angelic Soap has been created with sensitive skin in mind, so many of our batches are light on fragrance. We use as many plant-based, essential oils as possible.
Scent can be irritating to some people's skins - especially complexions.
Our Vata Shea Ayurvedic Recipe, Pure Castile or Rosewater Butter Cream Soaps may be a better choice for a facial cleanser, a baby, or a sensitive body.
All three of these soaps feature different recipes and are light-to-unscented.
For summer, the Rose Pitta Ayurvedic Soap is an excellent choice for skin that needs cooling (shows signs of inflammation, heat, redness). Pitta Rose also features a different formulation than any of the other Angelic Soaps, the lighter oils and butters are specifically chosen for sensitive, 'red', over-heated, cranky skin.
It pays to read the descriptions and the ingredient lists.
Have an Angelic Week, Beautiful Ones!

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Exciting News!

The soap shop now accepts major credit cards.
 As a consumer of Angelic Soap, you are no longer limited to Pay Pal!
Thinking of shopping? Be certain to input coupon code SPRING10 for a 10% discount at checkout. This code can be used multiple times for those last minute purchases!
Walk in Beauty, Beloveds .... 

Lemon Sugar Velvet Shea

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

New Recipe!

Angelic Soap has created some new offerings with an intensely moisturizing recipe. Look for the soap that features "Velvet Shea" in the title. Velvet Shea soap has an inordinately large amount of raw, organic shea butter. The butter is added to other organic oils chosen for their emollient and conditioning properties.
Below are some of the new soaps with this formula.

Crushed Floral Velvet Shea
Water Blossom Velvet Shea
Crushed Orange Velvet Shea
Orchid Noir Velvet Shea
Crushed Cardamom Masala Velvet Shea
Coupon Code SPRING10 is still valid in the soap shop for a 10% savings at checkout!