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Sunday, September 30, 2018

New Autumn Soap

New and in stock!

Celestial Rose Gold Organic Shea Butter Bar
Exquisite bar of white flowers, Egyptian musk and leather!

Saturday, September 29, 2018

Femme Fatale Soap

Back for a limited time in the shop - "Coco's Little Black Dress", a limited edition that is for the femme fatale.

Coco's Little Black Dress Organic Shea

Coco's Little Black Dress Organic Shea

Do not let the fashionably chic, minimalist exterior fool you, "Coco" is an uber-sexy fragrant bar of heaven!

Florals, amber resin, sandalwood, musk and a heavy honey note come together in our luxurious moisturizing recipe.

No added coloring agents, but each bar has a gilded top and a swirled bottom that is delightful and, like a 'Little Black Dress', it goes with everything!

Limited Edition


Angelic Soap

Friday, September 28, 2018

Old Favorite Grimoire Back in Stock!

Grimoire (Book of Shadows) Organic Shea 
Grimoire is a much beloved creation that only appears in the Autumn. Or perhaps it is better named a "concoction"? 

Grimoire (Book of Shadows) is made with our organic shea butter recipe. The soap is blended with a rich, warm fragrance of Dragon's Blood and other resins, Blood orange, incense, smoke and leather.

Red Reef Aussie Clay is embedded in the top to give the soap a better cleansing ability, or be able to double as a shaving soap.

The individual bars look like parchment paper and the scent and visuals recreate antiquity.

Perfect for Autumn!


Angelic Soap

New Fall Soap!

Finally, I am able to write about some new soap listings! 

In fact, there are many new offerings and more to come for the Holiday Season.

Thieves Eucalyptus Blend Organic Shea Butter Bar

Silk Sari Organic Shea Butter Bar

Vanilla Leather Organic Shea Bar

I have redesigned an old favorite, "Thieves in the Garden" - now, "Thieves Eucalyptus Blend" which is a lovely soap that can create a vaporous effect in a steamy bath or shower. The all essential oil combination is reputed to help with seasonal congestion, colds, viruses and flu. Now, I cannot make any medical claims, but the same blend is renowned for its health benefits. 

Silk Sari is another new soap made with our rich, organic shea butter recipe. The scent is exotic. With narcotic jasmine, neroli, nag champa and more, the colors and scent of this beauty will transport you to India!

Personally, I have been trying to meld some different scents that are Guerlain-esque. "Vanilla Leather" is the result of one of my experiments. As so often happens with hand crafted soap, the end result is not what I had set out to make - but I love it! Three kinds of Vanilla and a rich, buttery leather note, plus rosewood and bergamot, citrus and more has resulted in a soap that I cannot stop smelling.

Please check out these items and more in the shop!


Angelic Soap