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Friday, August 14, 2015

Timeless Sandalwood .....

5 Sandalwoods Shea Handcrafted Cold Process Soap may be the most celestial sandalwood soap that we have created to-date.
Each bar weighs approximately 5+ ounces and gets its light, yet distinctive aroma from 5 different sources: essential oils, fragrance oils and sandalwood powder.
5 Sandalwoods Shea is naturally colored and swirled with skin-loving clays, turmeric and sandalwood powder to gently benefit any skin type. 
Much beloved by men and women, sandalwood is renowned for its ability to purify and cool. 
5 Sandalwoods is lightly dusted with sandalwood powder for an extremely gentle exfoliating top.
This beautiful, cold process, handmade soap is handcrafted with our extremely rich, organic, vegetable oil-based recipe for superior conditioning and moisture. A heaping dollop of creamy, raw, organic shea butter is the one of the keys to this soap's luxury.
This soap has the classic scent of quality.

5 Sandalwoods Shea


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