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Saturday, July 11, 2015

Keep Cool, Calm and Carry On

I have been heat intolerant for many years. 
On top of the heat issue, I am of Irish descent, with fair, sensitive skin that leans towards red - even when not touched by the sun's rays.
I was so very frustrated with my many cleanser purchases, that I enlisted the help of a kindly Indian dermatologist and designed Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Cleanser to cool, calm and cleanse my sensitive Celtic complexion.
This cleanser continues to work for me and many of my clients. 
It is THE choice for summer!
Chock full of cooling, organic vegetable oils, nut butters and essential oils, copious amounts of Rose Clay makes this a hard working, yet elegant cleanser that really does keep the 'red' at bay.
Find Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Cleanser for sale now in the shop.
Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Cleanser
Another terrific addition addition to the summer cleansing regimen, is our Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Facial Oil
Just a few drops of this light, calming oil mixed with water in the palm of the hand and then applied to damp skin (do not forget the neck and hands) really cools and comforts overheated skin.
Again, the organic vegetable oils and essential oils are very light and chosen to calm, not irritate sensitive skin. 
There are just enough essential flower and plant oils to be pleasant and cooling, but not enough to aggravate. 
Many skin oils, serums, soaps and cleansers have fragrance that wreaks havoc with skin - delicate or otherwise.
Like all of our facial oils, Pitta Rose Ayurvedic Facial Oil is made-to-order and fresh upon arrival at your door. 
No need for refrigeration.
Now available for sale in the shop.
Ayurvedic Facial Oils
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During the changes of season, it is always a good idea to switch up your grooming routine.
In Summer, sub raw, organic coconut oil for your usual body, shaving, hair and face moisturizing. 
Along with rosewater (make your own, or purchase the food grade on line or in ethnic markets), you can stay cool and calm during hot weather.
Rosewater makes a refreshing facial mist and toner for the complexion.
A few drops of rosewater in cool, pure water creates a beverage that cools the entire body.

Happy Summer, All!


Angelic Soap

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