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Friday, July 24, 2015

Ayurvedic Complexion Keeper for Summer

If you have normal skin that tends towards oily in the hot months, or if you have an oily t-zone, oily skin or skin that is prone to breakouts, Angelic Soap may have a terrific solution for you.
Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Cleanser is a beneficial soap for all of the above skin types.
This very special cleanser was formulated using the long standing principles of Ayurveda and has proven itself to be a high performance winner with our clients.
Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Cleanser has exceptional ingredients, starting with the all natural organic, lighter vegetable oil formula that is enriched with French clay, special herbs and a very light sprinkling of custom selected essential oils - just for your skin type.

Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Cleanser
This cleansing bar will thoroughly cleanse and treat your special complexion needs without being harsh.
For another layer of protection, try our luxurious Kapha Ayurvedic Facial Oil after cleansing your face. Just a few drops mixed with pure water in the palm of your hand, spread in a thin film over face, neck and hands will give you a lovely layer of nourishment and a glow that is not greasy! No silicones or anything fake!

This is serious skin care that may totally revamp your routine!

Kapha Herbal Ayurvedic Facial Oil
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