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Monday, April 19, 2010

Florals and Citrus Silk Soaps

Just posted a few new soaps at the Etsy shop. I am quite happy with these new lovelies.  Some are made with added hydrolyzed silk protein. The addition of silk knocks the soap off of the vegan map, but this particular type of silk is readily absorbed by the skin and hair. The silk provides reinforcement, nourishment and conditioning benefits! I also think it lends a bit more density to the lather...always a plus in my book.

First up and suitable for vegans, sensitives and purists, "Snow White Castile".. classic, olive oil-based, hot process soap. No scent. No fragrance. Terrific translucent purity. Timeless luxury tweaked thanks to added coconut milk.

"Lemon Silk Chiffon" ... juicy lemon, creamy meringue top, calendula petals and silk protein.

"Cocoa Rose" ... light touch of roses and tuberose (a white flower, actually) with a very faint whiff of dark chocolate thanks to Miss Tiggy's 'cocoa line', topped with French clays. This soap is very pretty and clean-smelling. There is silk, coconut milk and a touch of almond butter in this base. The soap is made by the cold process method so it is a very smooth consistency with no translucence.

"Peony Butter Cream"...smells just like that fab flower! This is the rich, unrefined cocoa butter base with coconut cream, colored with French clay and topped with rose petals. "Peony" is scented with a slightly heavier hand than most of my soap.

"Sorcery"....this is the soap that I based on my Mother's signature fragrance, vintage "Sortilege". This soap is sophisticated thanks to its jasmine, rose, neroli, ylang and aldehydic mix....smells like a fine parfum, but lighter. If you like Chanel No. 5, this may be your soap. Enriched with silk, "Sorcery" is topped with a sparkly, creamy frosting. A little bling to accompany the 'Little Black Dress' vibe.

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  1. Die Kakao-Rose ist zauberhaft! Die Anderen Gefallen NATÜRLICH Auch, ABER This ist sehr besonders!

    liebe Grüße Dörte

  2. i love the cocoa rose. stunning work Teresa. you've made some amazing soaps lately. xx

  3. Thank you, Tiggy!
    Means a lot to me!