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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Uses for Coffee Soap

Years ago, I used lemon juice to remove kitchen odors from my hands after food prep. Lemon juice does a good job of removing those garlic and onion smells that linger on the fingers.  However, I do not always have lemons on hand and the juice can be irritating.
I soon discovered the reason why nearly every soap maker has a coffee soap in their line - coffee grinds remove those same stubborn odors.
Coffee grinds also exfoliate mildly and their caffeine is used in some skin care.

Another terrific use for coffee soap? 
Shampoo your canine critters with coffee soap. Just be sure to use handmade soap - not detergent soap!
I do not want to be indiscreet, but Lea and Shaggy could certainly use a bath with odor-removing coffee soap!
The soap we create is called "Coffee House Soap". This bar is super-fatted for moisture, scented with a sweet, sexy musk and vetivert with  fine grinds of organic French roast laced throughout the soap.

When humans use "Coffee House Soap", other people tend to remark "Oh! What is the scent you are wearing"? and then follow you around, so be careful!
When Lea and Shaggy use it - well...they are a lot more pleasant to invite into the home - which is where they naturally want to be - as close to the human(s) as possible. I think you understand this point.

You can find "Coffee House Soap" in our Etsy shop. Or, scroll down the page here and click - shipping costs are already added in to your purchase.
In addition to washing the canine and the cook, this soap makes a great hostess gift!
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  1. do you teach classes? i'd love to learn how to make such amazingly gorgeous soaps!
    cherie beckmann
    st. louis, mo

  2. Thank you, Cherie!
    I do not teach soap, but I did live in STL for over 30 years!
    Thank you for reading my blog! ;)