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Friday, September 2, 2011

Two New Soaps

Rosemary Mint Lavender

French Lavender Butter Cream
Now LIVE in the Etsy soap shop. Just click the picture of the glittery Temple Incense soaps to the right with the caption "Handcrafted Soaps".

For those of you with curiosity about the magical and mythical properties of herbs and their respective oils, please know that I always add a special 'something' to each bar.

In the above soaps, French Lavender is featured due to its incredible calming ability. Lavender also is said to bring good luck (sign me up for a dozen bars, right?), promote dreams, love and psychic powers. Lavender may well be the Queen of herbs in my book.

Other herbs and oils in the above soap: Rosemary for cleansing of negativity; Mint for purification and psychic clarity; Galangal (in the Rosemary Mint Lavender) for clearing negativity and promoting a good outcome in legal matters.

Folklore or Fact?

Angelic Hugs


  1. Great looking soaps! French Lavender Butter Cream sound simply luxurious =)

  2. Thank you, Anne-Marie!
    It is quite lovely!