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Wednesday, October 28, 2009

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I started creating soap for myself. Period.
I have finicky, delicate skin (I am that red headed stepchild with sensitive skin you hear about). Nothing that I used on my face or body helped - at least for very long. Some products worked for awhile and then stopped 'doing that voodoo'. Other products (no matter the cost) irritated my skin. ick.
I launched my soap line and body exfoliation lines for me.
I am into serious exfoliation! Now, I create scrubs of baking soda (Yes! A teaspoon of baking soda  mixed with my soap lather is my facial favorite); sugar and sea salts blended with the oils and or/carriers that are seasonally appropriate is my choice for body exfoliation.
Other people seemed to like my skin, my soap and my body products too.
It does not hurt that I was blessed with good skin genes either, but I am convinced that my soaps, exfoliation products and intensive attention to moisture are Mother Nature's Helpers....and I am never without a humidifier. A wonder of the world!

Above is one of the best soaps I make and use - it is a super-fatted, ultra-packed bar of fabulous triple shea butter - ever so very delicately scented with Rose Otto essential oil. This soap is superb for face and body - and gorgeous-looking too! The embedded crushed rose petals at the top are so sweet! This was the very first cold process soap that I created - and it remains one of the best.
I also use my Pitta facial soap, alternating with the ultra emollient Mango and Avocado Buttercream soaps. Sometimes I use a very rich oat and honey soap that is lard-based. This last soap is not for vegetarians, but in the winter, this carnivore's skin loves it.
We all tend to take our hot water for granted, but to me, hot water and an excellent soap is true luxury and pampering.
I use the same soap on face and body. Why use different types of cleansers? No need!

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  1. Would love to get my hands and body on this soap especially with winter upon us.