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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Why Handcrafted Soap?

One important reason that we hand craft soap is to reduce the ever-growing toxic burden on the environment and our bodies.

Angelic Soap was originally created for my family's personal use, as we were growing increasingly sensitive to commercial cleansers, soaps, shampoos and clothes detergents.

We were determined to create products that not only were effective as healing cleansers, but utilized only gentle, non-irritating ingredients. 

We also wanted some luxury in usage, as well as no animal by products.

Today, I am happy to say that our skin and hair is healthy (even our pets) and clean! In fact, I regularly receive compliments on my complexion. My reply - I use Angelic Soap!

Most people purchase soap based on scent. However, not everyone can tolerate scent on sensitive facial and body skin.

The skin absorbs almost everything that is topically applied, so we must be cautious and conscious in our choices. This includes fragrance.

This choice becomes critical if one of us is ill. 

Help your body heal by reducing its toxic load - and all that entails.

In the cosmetic/beauty world, there is a mantra - "do not use soap on your face". The soap referred to  is commercial soap, which is basically a detergent. 

Commercial soap's glycerin is siphoned off, sold as a by product, then chemicals are added to up the bubble ante. 

Synthetic colorants and bad fragrance oils make the commercial soap pretty and uniform.

Finally, industrial fans 'cure' the commercial soap in a speedy fashion. The bars are ultimately sold in great quantities and at a somewhat low price.

Real, handcrafted soap is not a detergent. It is not mass-produced. Typically, this type of artisan soap is not a huge profit maker. 

The Big Commercial Interests do not like this trifecta.

The method, in my opinion, that provides the kindest facial/body cleansing bars is the cold process method. 

This old fashioned, cold process method preserves the vegetable glycerin that is a natural by product of the saponification process.

Additionally, there is complete control over all ingredients - and Angelic Soap uses the very best.

We do not use surfactants or sulphates to increase bubbles in the lather - the bubbles come from the vegetable oils chosen, as well as a nice, long curing period. 

This aging period generally lasts from 4 weeks to (my ideal) 3 months. 

This period is important to lower the ph to an acceptable level for use. It also dries all of the water (or other liquid) out of the soap, which assures a bubbly, hard bar. 

Generally, the older the cold process soap, the milder and better-lathering the bar.

As far as body washes go, I challenge you to read your labels.


Please give a good, hand crafted soap a try. It will be a different experience in terms of lather and scent, but your skin and the environment will love it.

May we suggest Angelic Soap's  Rosewater Butter Cream or Vata Shea Ayurvedic Cleansing Bar

Both of these hand made soaps yield a rich, low-lying lather that acts more like a creme cleanser.

The  Rosewater Butter Cream is made of primarily raw, organic cocoa butter and organic coconut cream with a dose of healing castor oil ("The Palma Christi").

Vata Shea Ayurvedic Cleanser is a splurge with jojoba, avocado, sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, laced with raw, organic shea butter. My skin is currently loving this soap. 

These soaps rotate in and out of our home's soap dishes, with the addition of Rose Pitta Ayurvedic Cleanser in the summer.

 We promise that these bars (in fact, none of Angelic Soap's offerings) will not leave your precious skin feeling stripped or tight. 

Good for the whole family - right down to baby.

In Truth, Love and Beauty,

Angelic Soap

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