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Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Samhain Soaps

Dragon's Blood Resin

Rue Herbal Shea Soap Dragon's Blood Resin is reputed to be able to break hexes and purify. Angelic Soap's Dragon's Blood also features Red Reef Clay to purify the body in a nice ritual bath or shower. The scent is not easily described, but readily recognizable. Our Dragon's Blood is fortified with sandalwood oil for additional purification and a sexy scent!

Rue Shea
No self respecting witch would be without the magickal herb, Rue! Remover of curses, bad luck and hexes, Rue was a sacred herb of the Celts. Angelic's Rue Soap is created from the freshest, organic vegetable oils, infused with our garden grown, organic rue. There is also ground rue incorporated into the soap and sprinkled on top of each bar. Clary Sage ("clear eye") essential oil is beneficial for clear vision and vetiver provides grounding.



  1. Love the color and look of your Dragon's Blood soap! :)

  2. Thank you, Anne-Marie!!
    Your reading and comments are always appreciated! xox