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Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Scents of Antiquity

I am very pleased with some of my new soaps! The two brand new soaps featured in this post are now LIVE in the shop.

Lost Atlantis Crystal

Lost Atlantis Crystal is a bright, clean incense-based soap that is more illuminating than dusty. 
The scent is more lavish than most of Angelic's creations and is partially derived from incense, juniper and black pepper essential oils. 

Lost Atlantis Crystal was created to be crystalline in appearance, thus the only color added is a deep, dark blue horizon line and a heap of shimmering, glittering mica on top of each bar.

Lost Atlantis Crystal

Next, we have Egyptian Kyphi, a mysterious scent of an ancient concoction. 

Kyphi was so sacred that it was believed to follow the Pharoah into the Afterlife.

Egyptian Kyphi

The scent of Angelic's Egyptian Kyphi is so rich and complex, that I worked on it for quite a long time. 

I am so happy with the results! 

Juniper berries, honey-soaked figs, spices, incense and lots of smoky myrrh resin (and many more notes) result in a scent that defies description.

Egyptian Kyphi is beautiful and rather Egyptian in appearance, thanks to the deep Red Reef clay, black mica and gilded tops with puffs of 'smoke'.

Use coupon code AUTUMN10 in the shop and grab the ephemeral scents of antiquity with a 10% discount.

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  1. Both of your soaps have a gorgeous pencil line, I especially love the bleeding down pencil line of the Egyptian Kyphi.

  2. Thank you, Anne-Marie!
    I used Brambleberry'mica that is a deep, ultramarine, midnight blue in the Crystal soap.
    I also used BB's Black oxide and a red reef Aussie clay for the Egyptian.
    I love them too!