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Friday, March 4, 2011

Tea and Sympathy

Two lovely tea-based soaps...both creamy and luscious!

Cardamom-Masala Chai
Green Tea with Raw Sugar
I grew up in an Irish family where "a cuppa" tea could cure any ailment. I believe it and adhere to the tenet to this very day!

In Love, Truth and Beauty....


  1. Ah a cuppa tea... the only thing at times! Love from Celine in Dublin, Ireland x

  2. Isn't that right?
    Thank you, beautiful Celine!!
    Love to you from USA!!!

  3. Celine, Dear One,
    I am very particular about my tea.
    The best tea I have ever consumed was in Connemara.
    Rich black tea with freshly whipped cream. Heaven in a cup.
    I have not been able to duplicate it!
    Love and Angelic Hugs to you!