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Sunday, March 20, 2011

Custom Log of Coconut Butter Cream

I just made a custom log of Coconut Butter Cream for one of my favorite clients. 

The soap is made with my basic Butter Cream recipe - one of my personal 'bests' and a client favorite too. 

The batch I made for Ryan includes raw, organic coconut and a light coconut fragrance oil.

Coconut Butter Cream

This soap has some premium ingredients such as raw, unrefined, organic cocoa butter and organic coconut cream. Castor oil and Fair Trade palm oil round out the formula. 

This is a soap that gets better with age - harder, milder and more bubbly.

Personally, I prefer my Butter Cream with no fragrance or added coconut. 

I guard the recipe, as I believe it is my hands down favorite of all of my soap! It is super conditioning and very high end. The raw butter and the delicious coconut cream make one ultra-luxe, everyday indugence!

In Love, Truth and Beauty....


  1. Thanks, Michelle!
    This is a repeat order x 4!! :)))
    He loves it.

  2. sounds truly delicious and skin pampering!

  3. Thank you, Ms. Bong.
    Two more weeks of cure on what I am sending your way, Sweetie!
    This is my favorite soap. The ingredients and ratios sound impossible, but it is my standard now.
    Have a GREAT week!

  4. Ms Bong is jumping up and down in giddy, joyful anticipation of your angelic soap :)

  5. Those are some great ingredients! Ryan is a lucky guy!

  6. Thanks, Anne-Marie!
    Ryan is a lucky guy with good taste!
    He consistently orders this soap by the log.