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Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Soap for Spring Forward!

I have listed a few new soaps in anticipation of "Spring Forward"! You can find them by clicking on the link below:

Shipping is crazy expensive these days.  To help give our customers a reprieve from the winter blues, a few soaps feature FREE shipping!

Today, I completed the last log for a custom order, but I could not stop there, so I whipped up a new soap for Mother's Day. The new soap is a coconut milk and cocoa butter base, colored with pale pink mica and fragranced with Peony (swoon). I amended the batter with Rice Bran Oil (soooo good for your skin) and silk

I am more than a little excited about this Peony Silk Soap. Cannot wait to try it!

Tomorrow, I will be able to cut both logs ... fingers crossed - wish me luck.

I have an idea about another soap, dedicated to my own Mother, who was always so stylish. My Mom's signature fragrance was Sortilege, a floral aldehydic, first created in 1937.  My Mom used to stash boxes of this gorgeous fragrance in her dresser drawer. I remember that the boxes were white, embossed with gold. The scent was heavy on jasmine and roses.


Above is a photo of a newly released version of Sortilege. The notes are quite sophisticated and complex - so much for jasmine and roses!

Cannot wait to make the soap in memory of my beloved Mom.  I miss her every single day.

In Truth, Love and Beauty....


  1. Just so you know T - the soap gremlins are at my house today. Feel free to soap away....

  2. They make the rounds!