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Thursday, March 4, 2010

Busy week - Honey, Beeswax, Coconut and a Mermaid!

This week has been very busy!
So....I wanted to post a short message to show you a few soap logs.
Here is a Honey-Beeswax soap fresh out of the mold. This log weighs approximately 2 pounds.
This particular recipe takes a relatively long time to cure. The entire batch is for a custom order. It smells and looks good - so far! (fingers crossed)

Next up is another custom order....Two Coconut Butter Creams (my current personal favorite).

On the left is a batch that has coconut sprinkled on the top. Photograph on the right is a nice shot of the bottom of the soap log.

Last, but not least is the much-beloved "Mermaid" soap log - stunning! Bling! Sparkle! All the colors of an abalone shell!



Ready the first day of Spring!

In Love, Truth and Beauty...


  1. The Honey Beeswax soap looks awesome! I made some with a 8% beeswax and 5% Honey content last year with cocoa powder and I am *still* dreaming about it. =)) It sounds great. The custom order customer made a great decision on that soap.

  2. Thanks, Anne-Marie!
    I usually add Rosewood eo, but cannot tell a difference after the cure.
    Really appreciate your comments!!

  3. Lovely, lovely soapies you have there my friend. Yum! Those Coconut Butter Cream look tdf.

  4. Can you tell that I have been dieting??!!!