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Friday, March 26, 2010

Butter Cream Soap Addiction

As much as I adore scent (and I do!), my sensitive skin will not allow any fragrant soap.
My solution?
I created a soap for myself called "Butter Cream".

"Butter Cream" has no added fragrance or color. YAWN....
This is what it does have - indecent and scandalous amounts of unrefined cocoa butter, coconut cream, coconut milk and luxury vegetable oils. This is one secret recipe that I protect at all costs!
Decadence and Heaven. Sinner and Saint. Diet and Dessert. Vegan and Milk! get the idea.
I have found that people are attracted to soap through: 1). scent and, 2). appearance. If the soap is beneficial to the skin, most people take that as a bonus.
Soap is soap, right? If it smells great, that is the major point, right?
"Butter Cream", nice, vegan and coconut milk-based, tends to get overlooked in favor of the fancier soaps next to her.
How deceptive is "Snow White" the "Butter Cream"?
I will tell you that one try and many are addicted to sweet "Butter Cream"....look at me.

In Truth, Love and Beauty.....

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