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Monday, July 18, 2011

Want to Pare Down Your Summer Grooming Routine?

You should try my latest obsession - eco-friendly, all natural, handcrafted and ridiculously convenient shaving soap.
Seriously, shaving soap is my latest obsession.
I am not a warm weather kind of woman, so I take more showers and baths in the summer months. Especially now that I live in a place where it has hovered around, below, at and over 100 degrees since May.
I use my shaving soap daily - and love it. No more bottles, cans, jars, tubes, or worrying about how to get the stuff in a carry on bag for a flight!
I do not use a brush, I simply use the soap as an all over cleanser (even my face in this humidity!) and it just happens to give me an awesome shaving experience so I can go out in public. :)) 
The transformative ingredient is French clay. This clay infuses the soap with 'slip' so your razor can grab it and whisk that hair away.
Additionally, I find that even though my skin is sensitive, it likes this gentle, yet purifying clay! Hooray!
Currently, I offer two kinds of soap in the Etsy shop that are perfect for a close shave - Sweet Bay Oil and Deep South Floral, especially for the ladies. 
Although I am using the Sweet Bay Oil more, the Deep South bar has the added benefit of raw, organic shea butter, so some of you lucky Gals may be able to skip the body lotion!
In this type of sizzling weather, less is more, with the exception being sunscreen.
Deep South Floral
Sweet Bay Oil
So, if you order a bar or two, please let me know if you love this soap as much as I do!

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