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Friday, February 4, 2011

So Over Winter!

If you are feeling like this winter has been just a bit too harsh, extreme and long, check out some of my new soaps! 

Lemon Sugar
Black Temple Incense
Orange Vanilla Cream
Green Tea Supreme
Peppermint Cream
All of the above soaps are now for sale in the Etsy shop. 
Each soap has an enriched, creamy base for moisturizing and conditioning winter-weary skin. These new additions are extremely emollient due to the lavish quantities of raw, unrefined, organic shea and cocoa butters.
The scents for these new soaps are designed to lift winter-weary spirits.
I hope that you are staying well and warm!
Personally, I give thanks to the furnace Gods daily!
In Love, Truth and Beauty......


  1. They all look completely must-haveable! I adore the scent of tuberose, black temple incense sounds devine..but really, they all look just way too yummy!

  2. THANK YOU, Ms. Coco!
    High compliment coming from you, Sorceress of Soap! (hey - I like that handle)
    The Green Tea surprised me. It is a very dry, sophisticated scent. Most pleased with it!
    I am a sucker for peppermint anything too.
    Thank you for reading and your wonderful compliment!

  3. I never appreciated the scent of Tuberose until a few years ago .... Tuberose and Jasmine are two of the most jaw-dropping, sexy scents! Love both!

  4. I couldn't agree more...Tuberose and Jasmine..Kaaah-POW!!!! Pure sex in the nose

  5. me parecen todos preciosos no podria elegir ninguno un abrazo

  6. I want some of that lemon sugar soap!!!! I am a lemon freak!!! I love it! I got to have it!!!!

  7. Thank you, Viv!
    It is very nice! A nice chunky vegan bar too!
    I also have a Lemon Poppyseed soap that smells just like a muffin. ;-)
    Angelic Hugs to you!