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Friday, February 11, 2011

Re-Stock of Two Personal Favorites

I just finished making new batches of two of my personal favorites, "Vata Ayurvedic Cleansing Bar" and "Butter Cream". One or both of these gems are in my soap dish at all times.
I have very thin, fragile, sensitive skin, thus - I started making my own soap!

"Butter Cream"

"Butter Cream" should look familiar, as I post photos of this bar more than any other. It could be overlooked, as it rather 'plain'. Like all things that are truly beautiful, what is inside this bar makes it stellar. Coconut cream, coconut milk, raw, unrefined, organic cocoa butter, castor oil and palm oil combine to make a hard, long-lasting conditioning soap.
The coconut cream and raw, unrefined, organic cocoa butter really elevate this soap to luxury status. 
Over a year ago, I switched to raw, unrefined and organic butters for all of my soap. What a difference! Indescribably decadent and incredibly beneficial for skin.
Below is another, brighter view of "Butter Cream".

"Butter Cream"
The second soap that I made is my "Vata Ayurvedic Cleanser". This is another soap that is a bit plain on the outside, but ooh-la-la, what a slice of heaven! I designed this recipe for very dry, fragile skin that may be sore and angry from wind, harsh weather or chapping.
Good for babies, but better for me (*smile*)!
"Vata" has loads of high-end ingredients like avocado, jojoba, apricot, almond oils, raw, unrefined, organic shea and coconut butters, all blended with orange blossom water (that smells like Paradise!) for an unparalleled skin pampering experience.
"Vata" contains specially selected essential oils and turmeric for additonial benefits.
After washing with this soap, smooth a little organic apricot kernel oil over the skin for overall rejuvenation. This oil is light, but nourishing and sinks in quickly.
"Vata" is a splendid choice for late winter and spring.
Ahhhh.....after this winter, my skin NEEDS this coddling treatment.

"Vata Ayurvedic Cleanser"

In Love, Truth and Beauty.....


  1. You are right! These bars definitely sound luxurious and skin-loving. And I don't think they're plain, I think they're elegant!

  2. los tre jabones son preciosos de lujo un abrazo