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Saturday, December 5, 2009

New Holiday Soaps on Etsy

Have you looked at the calendar?! YIKES!!! Need a few items for those stocking stuffers? Check these out!
We are very excited about our new holiday soaps!!!
GIANT-sized chunks of lots of soapy love in Coffee Royale (great for a masculine soap, but women love it too). Pictured below ... this is a handsome hunk of dark coffee-infused glycerin and milk-based soap. Enhanced with very thin slivers of gleaming gold mica and opal mica, then scented with a black coffee, vetivert and musky essence, this soap is both sexy and regal. It weighs approximately 7.7 ounces.

Next is our Cinnamon Sugar Cake....please buy this soap and get it out of my studio! It is making me so hungry! The darned soap smells exactly like those evil, tempting cinnamon rolls that are sold at every airport these days. This GINORMOUS serving is over 7 ounces of love, cinnamon and vanilla swirls, topped with shea butter "icing". Yikes! Cinnamon and vanilla are reputed aphrodisiacs and are also supposed to help you sell your house quickly.......just sayin'....

And last, but not least, there is our irresistible version of Candy Cane - a huge slab (app. 7 oz) of vanilla, mints and sweet orange, all swirled together in red, pink and white temptation. This chunk could easily be cut in half and perform double duty for the lucky recipient. Beloved by children and adults, nothing says Happy Holidays like Candy Canes - but this one leaves out the high fructose corn syrup. Yay!

These soaps are skin friendly, indulgent, luscious and will not trip you up on any low carb diet. Promise!
The generous sizes make them great, truly impressive gifts.
You can find these holiday soaps at my Etsy site. Simply click to the right of this column under "My Links" or here
Yours in love, peace and beauty ....


  1. Thanks!
    The cinnamon sugar soap I plan to leave about the house is strategic places. The air will be aromatic so people think that I have baked! ha! ha!