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Saturday, November 28, 2009

Stocking stuffing

You can now find Angel Soap at two new locations!
We just opened a small Etsy shop on-line. Most of the soap featured in the blog will be found for sale on Etsy. The very first Etsy listing is the Opal Gem Chunk pictured below. This is a composed, opalescent soap that is fragranced with sweet orange, cinnamon and clove essential oils.
Opal is the birthstone for October (heads up, Librans!). The scuttle is that if the lovely opal is worn by a person not born in October, it brings bad luck.
So - if you love opals, but are superstitious and not among the October-born, grab one of these soapy gems.

If you live in the Dallas Cowboys country of Valley Ranch, look for our soaps at Java Me Up!
You can visit both Etsy and Java Me Up! sites by clicking on the addresses to the right of this post.
Please visit soon!
Yours in love, peace & beauty....

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