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Saturday, December 9, 2017

2017 Update

It is hard to believe that 2017 is nearly over! 

The year has been busy and this is a very belated post.

I know a few excellent soap makers that have closed their businesses this year. The craft is time-consuming, not very profitable and shipping costs to receive supplies and to ship orders is high.

And - I am still surprised that so many people do not know the difference between REAL soap and detergent.

Many consumers purchase soap on fragrance alone. There is a better approach to getting a beautiful product and being kind to your skin.

Allow me to briefly explain - 

DETERGENT is what is found in most commercial soap bars. This is a bar of sudsy, drying, detergent-based, industrial *soap* that has had all of the natural glycerin extracted from it, then sold as a by product. 

The oils are typically inferior and are a singular ingredient in the finished product. 

The bars are cured by industrial fans. 

All of these steps combine to add up to profits for the company and a horror for your skin.

DETERGENT is not kind to your skin. 

Detergent is the 'soap' that dermatologists and skin gurus warn you not to use.

Angelic Soap's REAL soap is created by mixing a myriad of hand-selected, vegan, organic oils to cleanse, condition and moisturize the skin. The oils are heated, mixed with lye water, poured into wooden molds, cut within 48 hours and allowed to air dry for 4-6 weeks. This is costly and time consuming for Angelic Soap - but worth it according to our devoted clients!

Angelic Soap makes REAL soap with genuine food grade oils and butters. 

We devise our own recipes. 

We hand make each small, artisanal batch. 

It pays to read the ingredients in each of our bars, as we never offer just one basic recipe 'with flavorings'.

A general tip - never use a heavily fragranced product on your facial skin - save that for an aromatherapeutic bath or shower. 

For facial cleansing, Angelic Soap offers a selection of Ayurvedic-based cleansers, conceived in conjunction with an Ayurvedic dermatologist many, many years ago. These bars are noted as "cleansers" in the shop.

I hope this very short synopsis helps clear up some misconceptions about detergent versus soap.

Angelic Soap NEVER compromises on ingredient integrity.

And, that, is true luxury!

Mermaid Organic Shea Butter Soap

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