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Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Escalating Prices! Yikes!

Twice annually, I plan meticulously to order my soapmaking supplies. 
As a very small business, Angelic Soap strives to never sacrifice corners with base oils and other ingredients. As other soap makers know, the entire process is time consuming, so if I am not making the best product I am capable of creating, why bother?
For a long time, I have endeavored to keep my prices as low as possible.
I also charge my clients the shipping charges only - no handling charges - ever. If a client overpays via the "prix-fix" electronic shipping menu, all overages over $1.00 are immediately reimbursed.
Recently, when I went to order my supplies, I was in complete sticker shock.
Many of my luxury oils have increased exorbitantly. Some of the base oils have decreased. The essential and fine fragrance oils go up and down like the stock exchange.
And the shipping charges on Angelic's raw materials are staggering.
Gave me pause.
I was shipping some orders the first part of this week - another shock! USPS priority delivery has increased. Additionally, the delivery is no longer 2nd day priority. The delivery time is 3 days now.
What is a small business to do?
Angelic Soap will NOT be increasing shipping charges to keep up with the escalation. However, it is always wise to plan to order as many bars as affordable. This saves on shipping in the long run. Stock up for a rainy day, so to speak. 
Lastly, instead of subbing cheaper base oils, Angelic Soap has modestly increased prices on its most luxurious, specialty soaps, as well as soaps that contain the priciest essential oils. 
This way, you can be assured that Angelic Soap will continue providing the very best products, the purest and most nutritious ingredients and NO SHIPPING INCREASES!!!
Angelic Soap

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