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Saturday, September 29, 2012

International Travels

Longing for a respite after the long, hot summer?

How about an international escape via our newly listed soaps?

Let's hop over to India first, shall we? 
Kerala Amber Shea is created to evoke a gauzy, glittery sari, worn in the perfumed air of roses, coriander, cardamom, amber, sweet jaggery and honey.

Kerala Amber Shea
 Next up - Morocco!
Let's stop at the market stalls of Marrakesh, while we bathe in the scents of sugar-sweet comice (Moroccan pear), cumin and peppercorns.

Marrakesh Express Shea
Our last visit today will be Haiti.
Lovely, dry vetivert envelopes and cools us while we sip the slight, citrus sweetness of bergamot found in a cup of Earl Gray tea.

Haitian Vetyver Velvet Shea
This sweet escape is brought to you by Angelic Soap!

Where shall we go next?

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