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Friday, January 20, 2012

Sweetheart Soaps

I have been working very hard to replenish stock sold during the Holidays. 

To not feel like a one-woman assembly line, I have concocted three new romantic soaps that coincide nicely with Valentine's Day. All three of these bars are Limited Editions.

I am pleased with these new creations and they are a bit more lavishly scented than my 'regular' line.

Grimoire (Book of Shadows)

Love Letter
Champagne Blanc Shea
Grimoire features Dragons' Blood resin, myrrh, incense, blood orange. All in all, a rather exotic "red resin" soap. Good for men and women. Fortified with clay for a little slip if used as a shaving soap. Gilded on top to look ancient.

Love Letter - dust, woodsmoke, white rose, resins and incense. A mysterious creation intended to evoke a yellowed, old note that was found in a dusty album, just next to a pressed flower. This soap is also filled with French Pink clay for shaving and gilded.

Champagne Blanc Shea - this was a surprise! This soap actually does have some bubbly olfactory notes. A beautiful bergamot is the star here, coupled with ozone and lemon-lime, this soap has an effervescence. Creamy white and sprinkled with gold. This soap whispers of possibilities.

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