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Monday, December 12, 2011

Back in Stock

My personal favorite and my shop's best seller, "Vata Ayurvedic Shea High Performance Bar" is back in stock. This is my gold standard bar. Containing sweet almond, avocado, jojoba and apricot kernel oils, Vata also contains organic palm and raw shea butter. 
There is no finer, gentle, rich soap at any price!

Vata Ayurvedic Shea
Vata is very lightly scented with carefully chosen essential oils. There is a bit of turmeric in the recipe, but the bar appears snowy white with no added color.
Great complexion soap and a great baby soap.


  1. Obviously a class act. Too pretty to sell, the kind you want to keep for yourself!

  2. What a wonderful looking soap! I love the texture on the top! =)

  3. Thank you, Ann-Marie! It always so nice to see your pretty face and comments here!
    Happy Holidays to you, yours and Baby! xox