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Saturday, December 11, 2010

Holiday Soaps on Sale!

I have caved to the pressure...but also mindful that many people's purses are not as full these - I am offering three (3) of my limited edition soaps at special prices.
Candy Cane Swirl
Candy Cane Swirl has a sweet scent of spearmint, vanilla and sweet orange essential oils. This soap and scent is one of my personal favorites! Now ON SALE in the Etsy Soap Shop until December 21, 2010.

Frankincense & Myrrh
The classic and timeless scent of Frankincense and Myrrh in a beautiful, swirled shea butter recipe! Now ON SALE in the Etsy Soap Shop until December 21, 2010. This scent is made with a combination of REAL frankincense and myrrh essential oils with added fragrance for staying power. 

Cedar Chest   
Cedar Chest is another shea butter recipe that smells exactly like Grandmother's cedar chest. The scent is extremely soft and great for men and women! The soap is beautiful, snowy white with delicate swirls of spices. Topped with Copper Penny mica, Cedar Chest is gorgeous! Now ON SALE in the Etsy Soap Shop until December 21, 2010.

I believe that these three soaps are some of my best creations! 

All three are limited editions.

In Peace, Truth and Beauty......


  1. Candy Cane Swirl - I think these candies are as addictive as crack. So, we call them crack candy. LOL (Okay, maybe that's not actually funny, but really -- it kind of is.) I keep thinking about making this every time I see it on the bag. Maybe I'll have to give it a try for one of our Christmases.

  2. Beatrice - I like those puffed peppermints...totally addictive! Crunchy, creamy, sweet and I cannot eat just one!
    Thank you for your posts here.
    I make a version of peppermint soap every winter. One of my personal favorites!
    Angelic Hugs!