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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Examples of 3 Different Soap Types

Here are examples of three different types of soap created in three different methods.

First up - "Night Queen", a cold process soap scented with the beautiful night-blooming jasmine! Note the silky texture in the body of the soap bar, as well as the textured top....this smooth finish, fine swirls and cake batter-like top is typically indicative of cold process soap.

"Oak Moss" is created in the hot process method. This soap is cooked in a crock pot, the oven or a stove top. Hot process soaps have a distinctive texture, somewhat waxy and usually rustic in appearance.

"Citrine-Topaz Gem Chunk" is created in a collage-like fashion from cut up and melted soap. This is referred to as melt and pour. This type of soapmaking is not considered to be 'made from scratch' like cold process and hot process, but it has certain advantages.

More to come in future blogs about the various methods of soapmaking!

Do you know what is in your soap dish?

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