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Thursday, September 30, 2010

The Queen's Chamber

I am overjoyed to announce that our fine soaps are now featured in The Divine Prince's Queen's Chamber!

Divine Prince Ty Emmecca is located in the historic and beautiful New Orleans and operates a working, as well as a virtual Temple.

He is a sweet, smart, incredible man who has given me the best advice in a time of certain crisis!

You can find the Divine Prince at many different websites, social networking sites, his blog and blog talk radio....just to mention a few....I often wonder if he ever sleeps?

Additionally, Divine Prince Ty Emmecca has one of the most impressive collections of crystals and geodes that I have ever seen!

He is a gifted and amazing Master who is infinitely wise and fascinating!

Start your visit with Divine Prince Ty Emmecca here:

Our link is located in The Queen's Chamber.

If you find your way to our shop through The Queen's Chamber and purchase some of our luxury soaps, do mention in the comments section during checkout "The Divine Prince" for a special discount!!

As Divine Prince Ty Emmecca says, "All is indeed a Divine Blessing"!

In Love, Truth and Beauty...


  1. Teresa impecables tus jabones es un lujo tu blog, te invito a visitar el mio te dejo un abrazo desde Uruguay. Magdalena

  2. Hi Magdalena,
    Thank you for reading my blog!